July 4, 2015

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Internet Famous!

Ever have one of those days where hanging out at your favorite gaming shop got you internet famous? Let me tell you all a story. I'm a real estate agent with Remax, and we're always looking for new marketing ideas. One thing that's less common in real estate is finding agents with similar hobbies to mine. The last time I checked the stats the average age of a real estate agent in Ontario is 57,...

July 2, 2015

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Let's just go to the head!

Daily Dose of Magic Origins – Let’s just go to the head! Welcome to another Daily Dose of Magic Origins! We are back with more previews of what’s looking to be an amazing new set, Magic Origins! We’ve already talked about some of the new mechanics coming in Magic Origins, as well as some of the new DFCs (Double-Faced Cards) planeswalkers that will be arriving as well. Now let’s turn our...

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