November 29, 2016

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Test Drive – Standard Black/Green Delirium

Welcome all to the weekly Standard Test Drive, where I will be taking a deck from the current Standard metagame and giving it a test drive. Today I’m going to be looking at Black/Green Delirium and all it has to offer. Delirium has been a mechanic that has always intrigues me since it came out in the Shadows Over Innistrad as I’m a big fan of using all your cards as a resource, including your...

November 28, 2016

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The Themed-Commander Deck Plan

Sparked by a discussion on our most recent Commander's Brew podcast, Sean, myself and our guest Jimmy Wong started listing all the cards we could think of that would populate a “partners” commander deck. While the discussion was sparked from a mention of the new Partner mechanic, we were specifically talking about cards that represent two creatures or ideas. Some great examples we came up...

November 25, 2016

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Going for the Gold: Your Opponent is Rational

After a week off of writing articles, I’m back to talk about a much understated aspect of your matches, watching what your opponent does. Yes I know, you already watch your opponent to make sure that they pay the right mana costs and that they aren’t doing anything that they aren’t supposed to be doing. However, they are giving you a lot of information with each of their plays, all of which...

November 24, 2016

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Test Drive - Going Infinite

Welcome all to the Test Drive where I’ll be testing out a Standard deck and see how it plays out in today’s meta-game. Today’s deck will be centered around a build-around card from Kaladesh. This artifact has intrigued me ever since first revealed, and even during prerelease, I went undefeated thanks to the power of this card. This card would be ! is a card that takes advantage of enter the...

November 23, 2016

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Budget Brews: Eggs

Howdy Budget Brewers! It's that time of the week for us to take a gander at some of the more budget options we can play at our local FNM's. While our main goal is ultimately to just have some fun, it's all gravy if we're able to win some matches as well. It's true, janky combo's are my bread and butter but I've been known to sprinkle in a dash of control or a smidgen of aggro. Then, sometimes a...

November 22, 2016

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Building a Better Cube: A Retrocube Update

It’s been almost one year since I introduced MTGCanada readers to my pet project: The Retrocube. Built with cards from Alpha to Weatherlight, the Retrocube is an experiment that asks what would happen if Magic’s earliest sets had been used for draft. It is also a cube-building challenge - can an enjoyable limited format be sculpted from cards that were never meant for limited play? Initially...

November 21, 2016

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Everything, and the mana-sink.

When's the best time to cast your spells? At the last possible second, of course! This is a good rule of thumb, but if all you ever do at the end of the previous players's turn is cast your , then you might not have enough places to spend mana! Recently, I wrote an article on extra ways to spend life, and similarly, this week's article is all about effective Commander mana-sinks! What's the point...

November 11, 2016

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Going for the Gold: The Road to the Pro Tour

This week, I’m taking a slight deviation from my regular type of content. Usually you’ll hear about how to improve your game, or how to play a certain format. But I’ve always wanted to write about how to get to a Pro Tour, and with an upcoming tournament dead zone, it’s never been a better time to write about this. Back in my day (and yes as I say that I envision my parents saying this...

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