December 13, 2021

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Alchemy Deck Tech - Mono Red Dragons - MTG Arena

Welcome all to my weekly MTG Arena Video series! Each Monday and Friday I’ll have a new video ready to watch!

Welcome back to the channel and I'm here with another Alchemy Deck Tech. Today I'll be playing Mono-Red Dragons. The goal of this deck is to win the game by casting your powerful Dragons to take over the game. To help with that is the new two-drop creature Fearsome Whelp. This perpetually reduces the cost of the Dragons in your hand by one during each end step. This allows you to cast your Dragons for cheaper including the new Town-razer Tyrant. This can lock down a land, forcing your opponent into a tough decision each turn. Dragons like Goldspan Dragon and Inferno of the Star Mounts can be cast one or two turns earlier to take over the game in the air. On top of that you have 16 damage spells to help you deal with opposing threats or some of them can hit your opponent directly.

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