January 26, 2017

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Monday Night Magic at the Murderdome: Deck Building All My Friends.

“We set controls for the heart of the sun…”  (LCD Soundsystem) We play a lot of EDH Commander in the Murderdome, especially in the multiplayer format. We really enjoy the creative aspects of deck building. Lately we have opened up our casual gaming to allow for proxied decks. This gives us opportunity to experiment with deck building ideas that we concoct. We can see how they match up...

December 13, 2016

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Monday Night Magic at The Murderdome: Bangmander!

I play regularly with a group of friends, usually Monday evenings. We play different formats, including Commander, Modern, and various draft styles with a Cube we have that is continually evolving. Our buddy’s living room, where we generally gather, is affectionately known as The Murderdome. Sometimes, we play other games (gasp!). When our Magic games are grinding and stretching on, we like to...