October 23, 2018

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Jeskai Control In Standard

Thanks to Magic Arena I’ve found myself playing Standard for the first time in many years. From my experience in the single game queues of Arena, the metagame seems consist of a relatively small number of archetypes - Golgari Midrange, Mono-Red Aggro, various blue based Control decks, Green Stompy, and a mix of Selesnya and Boros decks leveraging and big, flying angels. As a control player new...

October 18, 2018

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GRN Limited: Building the Boros Mentor Deck

Based on my first few drafts of Guilds of Ravnica, it seems like Boros is the guild to beat. The red-white aggressive deck is easy to build, easy to pilot, and very effective. It takes the usual aggro advantage of punishing opponents who play expensive spells or stumble on their mana and adds the Mentor mechanic, which lets early aggressive creatures scale up into the mid game and push out more...

September 27, 2018

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How Modern is getting more interactive

After a long road of bans and unbans, Modern seems to have finally arrived at its destination as a diverse format. Long gone are the format pillars of Splinter Twin and Birthing Pod. They've been replaced with decisively less powerful upstarts like Humans and Hollow One. This weaker top tier means that there are far more lower tier decks that can still compete. This is where Modern's...

August 2, 2018

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An Update to Modern Soulflayer

Back in March, Cody McCowell wrote an article on a Modern Soulflayer deck that had a 7-0 start at GP Lyon. Although the deck ended the event with a less impressive 9-6 record, Cody correctly noted that it was early days for the deck with plenty of room to brew, tinker, and optimize around . In fact, a few of his suggestions like , , and have found their way into some recent online 5-0 lists like...

July 20, 2018

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Modern Control: Blue Tron

Modern is a format of blistering speed and efficiency, with many different angles of attack. This makes it particularly hostile to answer-heavy control decks, where drawing the wrong interaction for a given matchup is often an immediate loss. The recent surge in blue/white “Planeswalker” control notwithstanding, Modern control decks have generally had to adopt prison elements (, ), combo...

March 6, 2018

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Seven Cards That Should be Great in Modern

Modern has recently seen a number of obscure, barely played cards rise to the top tables of competitive events without any obvious help from new printings. The poster child for this trend is which, if anything, should have seen less play with the ban but instead went on to become a top-tier format-defining juggernaut. Other examples include and making surprise Top 8 appearances at Pro Tour...

August 4, 2017

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Modern Thopter-Sword: Infinite Turns Wins Games

When I last wrote on UB Thopters in Modern I was high on cards like and , and uncertain on whether was too mana intensive to find a home in the deck. Seven months later and I’m currently on a list with no copies of Push or Crane, and a full playset of Whirs. That’s Magic, right? This dramatic reversal is partly due to metagame changes, but mostly due to how much space there is to brew around...

March 28, 2017

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Battle for Zendikar's Impact on Modern

The Battle for Zendikar block will probably always be remembered for making Eldrazi tribal into a tier one threat in Modern. From the relatively humble beginnings of black/white “processor” builds to the brutally efficient decks of Eldrazi Winter, to the current top tier builds, the tentacled horrors have indelibly seared themselves into the Modern psyche. But how much of ’s newfound power...

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