March 25, 2016

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Screw Loose Brews: Light of Jori

Why aren't you playing her? What, you don't like drawing cards or something? Snap out of it, dear reader, and get the Ruin Diver on your side while she's still a $1 card. Let's talk a bit more about Jori En, the latest in a long line of draw-based Izzet-coloured commanders. Jori punches in at 2/3, so she's got a decent body for three mana (no power shaming here). For both her colours and her...

March 18, 2016

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Screw Loose Brews: Guildmaster's Grounds

Hello everyone, welcome to the very first edition of Screw Loose Brews! In Magic, there are players who pride themselves on their ability to read an opponent or be able to always top deck exactly what they need when they need it (a.k.a., believe in the heart of the cards). Odds are, you know someone who prides themselves in their luck with drafting, or just crackin' packs in general. As for...

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