August 7, 2015

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People tend to have the wrong idea about legacy. If you listened exclusively to popular message boards you could probably be convinced that legacy is a format of fast games and turn one kills. If you keep a hand without Force of Will you are probably going to lose. Of course none of this is true. By speaking to those who know the format you can learn that legacy is a format chock-full of...

June 20, 2015

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Unban Stoneforge

Modern unbannings are a popular topic of discussion. Among the unbannings discussion, there is one blue Planeswalker that gets most of the press. This article is not about him. I want to talk about his bff, (TEDitor's Note: Big Food Fight!!!) and why should be unbanned in Modern. [According to Ryan] If you are still reading allow me to explain my rationale. I believe that -- yes, even with -- can...

January 4, 2015

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Defending Boss Sligh

I am here today to defend one of my favourite decks in Standard: Boss Sligh. Mono Red decks like Boss Sligh tend to get a bad reputation for being budget lists for those without other options. Just because a deck is cheap, however, doesn't mean that it can't be skill testing and competitive. Just remember: Anybody can win with , but it takes a master to win with red draft cards. There are Two...