September 19, 2016

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Finding the fun in Commander

How do you like to have fun in a game of commander? The beauty of multiplayer commander is that there are many different ways to have fun. It's another way to say that there are many different ways of playing the game. In all other formats, it's mostly win or nothing, but there are many other angles we can take with our 100 cards, and I'll use a few of my favourite things (sometimes leaning...

September 5, 2016

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When is a win not a win in Commander?

How do you like to win a game of multiplayer Commander? One of the great things about Magic is that there are a few different ways to win a game. The most common way is to bash and burn your opponent and damage them down to zero life. In my playgroup, the next most common way is to get a player's library empty and have them try to draw a card. The classic mill out. Then there's the infect route....

August 15, 2016

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Keeping Your Commander Brew Fresh!

Do your games feel a little stale? Same stuff happening over and over? Yet another tutor into your combo win? Let's look at a different approach to brewing a Commander deck. In every 100 card commander deck, about 38-42 of those cards are lands. And if we brew according to typical deck brewing philosophy, we're probably going to throw in six artifacts that generate mana, seven cards that draw us...

August 8, 2016

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Don't Wrath Me, Bro!

You know what feels pretty bad in a game of multiplayer commander? Getting your stuff destroyed all at once. The dreaded wrath, named after the OG card that the whole effect is named after: . We’ve all been there: You’ve got your board all set up, engine gears working together in maximum efficiency, just gotta untap and… someone wraths the board. Back to square one. And maybe you build it...

August 1, 2016

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11 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Commander Deck

How much does the average Commander deck cost? $100? $200? Maybe you have a foiled-out deck that totals over $1,000! I'm always very impressed at the dedication and time it must have taken to put one of those together, but this article is more for the rest of us that are too addicted to brewing decks to afford spending more than a handful of dollars on one. I just can't stick to one or two...

July 26, 2016

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Commander Mind Games

My favourite card right now might be . To sum it up, it's the greatest mind game in Commander I can think of. Before we go further, I'd like you to think of a Commander deck of yours. Do you know what the best creature in it is? Can you name the top three? Top five? In my playgroup, everybody runs multiple decks, so our memory of what's in them is less than photographic. Now let's talk about the...

July 19, 2016

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Commander Counterspell Strategy

In Magic's history, they've printed over 300 cards that contain the words: "Counter target spell." I'm here to suggest that we've been looking at our counterspells all wrong. I think many of the best counterspells are routinely looked over. Counterspells should be used exclusively to protect your leading board position. I'm going to approach this generally, since certain counterspells have...

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