July 28, 2021

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Lore-Win: Netheril And The Dangers Of Magic

The problem with going into discussions of modern Faerun, as with many worlds, is the sheer amount of history behind every stone in every road. Much like the writings of Tolkien, much can be made out of the historical significance of every town, every city, every title that has ever been held. Much like Italy is built on layers of history that date back even before Rome, so too is Faerun built...

July 14, 2021

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Lore-Win: Myrkul, Evil Adventurers and Godhood

The various pantheons in Dungeons and Dragons seem to have no end to their gods of death. Nerull, Bhaal, and my favourite, Kelemvor all rank among their number. But there was one god of death who not only died but proved that which is dead may never die. And in the process, built a monument that holds sway over the souls of the dead to this day. He was a cruel god. A god whose worship was...

June 30, 2021

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Lore-Win: King Bruenor Battlehammer

Heroes. There are a lot of them in the realms, both big and small. You have your Elminsters and Halasters, of course. Your powerful mages who can move mountains and crumble civilizations. You also have your small folk heroes. Adventurers who have become enshrined in a village as a local hero, only to be forgotten to the ravages of time. But no matter how experienced you are with the realms,...

June 16, 2021

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Lore-Win: Revenge of The Creator

Throughout the eras, there have been many plots in the world of Faerun. Even to this day, there is no end to the hidden conspiracies that hide in the shadows. They watch patiently, waiting for their time to strike. Their time to emerge and seize control of the world, and establish their dominance. Some of these are ancient beings from a long lost empire, seeking a return of their power. Others...

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Lore-Win: The Shadow Over Icewind Dale

The Dark Alliance. A medley of varying races and organizations, from the skulking thieves of Baldur’s Gate to the forces of the lizardfolk, and even monstrous creatures and the undead, all serving beneath the Blackguard Eldrith the Betrayer. Remember her? Source: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance This makeshift army and its inheritors would terrorize Baldur’s Gate with their plots… who are...

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Lore-Win: The Birth of Barovia

Any setting can offer a certain amount of horror. For those who pull back the curtain and peer deep into the night, there are always beasts who stare back. Monsters and men who can haunt the nightmares of those they prey upon. Yet despite all this, settings like Faerun remain, all in all, a decent place to live. One can live many lifetimes without having to worry about the affairs of dark gods...

April 21, 2021

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Lore-Win: Kindly Arkhan The Cruel

Sometimes, the villains that are best known are those who are relatable. Villains who have a goal, villains with whom you can sympathize. Villains like Arkhan the Cruel. Welcome back to Lore-Win, the D&D lore deep dive article series exclusive to the Wizard’s Tower. As always, I am your humble Loremaster, Sokar. Today we’re expanding our horizons to venture beyond Abeir-Toril and explore...

April 8, 2021

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Lore-Win: The Depths of Waterdeep

Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. If Baldur’s Gate is the richest city along the Sword Coast, Waterdeep would be the most well-known by far. But do you know where it came from? Welcome back to Lore-Win, the D&D Lore Deep Dive article series. As always, I am your humble Loremaster, Sokar. And today I’ll be delving deep down, under the city streets and sewers and into the Undermountain....

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