January 8, 2018

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Daily Dose of Rivals of Ixalan – Top Rivals of Ixalan Commons for Prerelease

Welcome back to your Daily Dose of Rivals of Ixalan. This week I’m going to help you all prepare for your local Prerelease.

Prerelease is one of my favourite times to play Magic, since you get players of all levels coming together to play with new cards for the first time. Nobody has played with these cards before, but that doesn’t mean you need to be go into the experience completely blind. This week I’ll go over some things that will help you make some tough decisions while building your 40-card deck. Today I want to go over the best commons you want to look for when opening your packs of Rivals of Ixalan. Let’s get started!


Divine Verdict – This classic reprint is a welcome addition to any white deck. It has the versatility to be used while attacking or blocking, which is a step up from spells like Bright Reprisal that cost more and only deal with attacking creatures.

31-Lumious Bonds

Luminous Bonds – Another must have common for white decks. I find this also to be a step up from an Ixalan card, Pious Interdiction. Although the two life from Pious Interdiction is nice, I would still rather have the cost reduction of only being three mana to cast.


Squire’s Devotion – Being able to gain life can be a game changer in a Limited match. We have seen the impact that Mark of the Vampire had in the Limited format, and despite only giving +1/+1, I think Squire’s Devotion will have a similar impact. You even get a bonus 1/1 Vampire creature token with lifelink as well.


Deadeye Rig-Hauler – Tempo defining cards will always sway the game in your favour. Being able to get a 3/2 creature on the battlefield (and a Pirate to boot), and remove an opposing threat from the battlefield for a turn or more is major value for a common.


Secrets of the Golden City – You will always hear me say that any card that provides card advantage is a card you want to have in your deck. Limited decks often play out longer than the average match, so there's a good chance that you will cast this for three cards instead of two more often than you think.


Dusk Legion Zealot – A 1/1 for two mana? How can that be any good? Well, this cantrip creature can be used to block a big creature to save life, or work with any Vampire synergy cards you have in your deck as well. Besides, any card that replaces itself needs to be looked at as having some good value.


Impale – Destroy target creature. The three best words you can see on a Magic card. At four mana it is well costed, especially with so many large Dinosaurs being played throughout the Prerelease that could run you over.


Voracious Vampire – You always want to find some ways to get through combat damage in a Vampire deck. Not only does Voracious Vampire have menace, it also gives menace, and a nice little +1/+1 bonus to another Vampire until end of turn. That extra damage you get through in combat could make the difference in the game.


Bombard – In Limited games of Ixalan, I often waited to get Unfriendly Fire to deal with a large creature that I couldn’t get through in combat. At only three mana and being an Instant, Bombard will make sure that you can trade up, or just plain remove an opposing threat.


Buccaneer’s Bravado – Not only can this combat trick surprise your opponent and force them to lose a creature, it can also be used on an unblocked creature as a finishing blow if you're playing some Pirates. Double strike isn’t printed on a card very often for a reason, and it can be a quick way to finish off your opponent.


Fanatical Firebrand – This little one mana creature works on many levels. It has haste, so you can get in some early damage. It also helps you activate Raid as early as turn two, so you gain value from those triggers. Finally, later in the game, you can sacrifice it to trade up in combat or even deal some extra damage straight to your opponents’ face.


Reckless Rage – Being able to deal four damage for one mana will often be overlooked by your opponent, and can be used as quite the surprise tactic. This card excels in a Dinosaur deck where you can deal the two damage to target creature you control to one of your creatures with Enrage.


Sun-Collared Raptor – This cheap two-mana Dinosaur can quickly become a problem to block whenever it attacks. The threat of being able to get to four or even seven power with Sun-Collared Raptor will make your opponent hesitate before blocking it. But even if they do block it, it should be able to get in some nice Trample damage before dying.


Tilonalli’s Crown – This is by far one of my favourite commons from Rivals of Ixalan. You can use it to pump up one of your creatures by +3/+0, and give it trample to boot, plus you can also use it like Reckless Rage in order to trigger an Enrage ability. When in doubt, you can always use it to deal one last point of damage to an opposing creature to kill it.


Colossal Dreadmaw – Wait, didn’t we just see this creature in Ixalan? Well it’s back and ready to take over the battlefield. Since there are only four creatures in the whole set with a toughness higher than six, your opponent will have some tough decisions to make when it comes to blocking this monstrosity. It’s not bad if you need a large blocker as well.


Orazca Relic – This mana ramp artifact will be very useful to cast your large spells throughout the game. Plus, if at any point later in the game you don’t need the mana anymore, you can gain some life and draw a card. Another great use of the new Ascend mechanic that rewards you for playing a longer game.


Traveler’s Amulet – Any artifact that can fix your mana-base when you want to splash a third colour always goes in my deck. During Limited games, cards like this are vital to making sure that you don't get stuck on mana.

Is there a common you didn't see which would make your list of best commons in Rivals of Ixalan? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose, and be sure to join me again tomorrow as I review the best uncommons from Rivals of Ixalan that you'll want to be opening this coming weekend.