October 21, 2020

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Oops! All Spells in Modern | Magic Online | Wizard's Tower

Do you get tired of flooding out? Then do I have the deck for you! Running an impressive zero (count 'em, zero!) lands, Oops! All Spells delivers on a promise to never flood ever again. This deck is among the glassiest of glass cannons available in Modern right now. However, that comes as a trade-off to the potential to win on your first turn, even if your opponent hasn't taken one yet.

This deck can be a little tricky so let's run through how it works. The deck centers around the creatures Balustrade Spy and Undercity Informer, both of which mill target player (yourself, in this case) until that player hits a land. Of course, thanks to the power of the new flip lands like Turntimber Symbiosis and Pelakka Predation from Zendikar Rising, this means we mill our whole deck. At this point, we should have three or four Creeping Chill triggers draining our opponent for nine or twelve life.

Additionally, there should now be at least one Narcomoeba returning to the battlefield. Since Narcomoeba is a 1/1, the three copies of Sword of the Meek trigger and return to the battlefield, attached to Narcomoeba. We then use Salvage Titan's ability to return it to our hand by exiling some number of mana rocks from our graveyard, and then cast it by sacrificing the three Sword of the Meek now on the battlefield. Of course, since this is the second creature we've cast this turn, we now have an army of Vengevines returning to the battlefield!

Of course, everything doesn't always go exactly to plan. What happens if we end up with some number of Sword of the Meek in our hand when we want to go off? This is what the single copy of Phantasmagorian is for. With the Narcomoeba trigger on the stack, we use Phantasmagorian's ability to discard the relevant cards so that we can get all the cards into our graveyard that are supposed to be there.

There might be a time when we need more than one turn to survive, and since we just milled our whole deck we don't get that turn. This is covered by the one copy of Memory's Journey. On the upkeep of the turn we would lose to drawing with no cards in library, we shuffle three cards from the graveyard back into our deck and that should give us enough turns to finish up the job. This whole game plan is a little weak to a Thoughtseize, for which we include a full playset of Leyline of Sanctity, just to be safe.

I know that's a lot to take in. But it is a TON of fun to do. Check out the video and come along for the ride!