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Each week, comedians Andy Hull & Sean Tabares build 2 new, themed, budget decks for the Magic: The Gathering format Commander.

Recent Episodes:

  • Expensive Commanders - Sparked by a tweet from our pal Sean "Dimir" Whatson over at Commanderin', Sean and Andy brew budget decks with Legendary creatures that are usually surrounded by very expensive decks and are themselves very expensive. So taking on the challenge, Andy brews with Kaalia of the Vast and Sean brews with Animar, Soul of Elements!
  • No Fun - This week Sean and Andy take a look back at some real life decks they once had, but have since taken apart because for one reason or another, they were no fun. Using their budget style, they tweak the old decklists to try and come up with something more playable. The guys also talk about what a deck being "No fun" means in commander.
  • Oath of the Gatewatch - This week Andy and Sean take a look at some brand NEW generals from the spoilers of Oath of the Gatewatch. Landfall Nina & Denn and 5 Colour Allies?! YES PLEASE! We also briefly talk about the leaks/spoilers and their effect on the community.