June 20, 2019

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Daily Dose of Core Set 2020 #4 – It’s time for a Legendary Party

Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Core Set 2020, where today the focus is on some sweet multicolour Legendary creatures from the new set. Commander players are rejoicing (and tiny leaders players as well), but watch out, some of these could see some Standard play as well. Multicolour cards are usually pushed in power as they have mana constraints on them that make them harder to cast, which means they can’t be played in as many decks as mono-coloured cards or artifacts. If you throw in 3-colour cards then the power level goes up one more notch, up to the “oh baby, I have to play that card!” level. Core Set 2020 brings some of these fun cards in the form of some legendary creatures.

First off, is a Naya creature that wants all your multicolour friends to come out and play. Here is the buy-a-box promo for this set Rienne, Angel of Rebirth.

This wonderful new Angel is loaded with text and goodness. Just in its base stats, you get a 5/4 Flying creature for five mana which is strong on the vanilla front. It also becomes somewhat of a multicoloured creature lord, pumping up all your other multicoloured creatures. The best and most interesting ability is being able to bring back your multicoloured creatures from the dead and back to your hand when they die. Giving them almost a Feather, the Redeemed type ability. I then went into the tank and started looking for current Standard creature in Naya colours that could take advantage of being cast repeatedly. Here are some of the best targets currently in Standard.

- Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice – This powerful Angel can come back and start pumping up your creatures even more.
- Conclave Cavalier – Get two 2/2 Elf Knight creatures and repeat the process.
- Emmara, Soul of the Accord – This lightning rod won’t have to worry about dying, since it’ll be coming back to make more 1/1 Soldier tokens.
- Gruul Spellbreaker – How about having a 4/3 with haste that just keeps attacking each turn.
- Knight of Autumn – Now you can choose from these 3 great abilities all over again.
- Ravager Wurm – You will get some bonus power when fighting with this creature as well.
- Tajic, Legion’s Edge – Having a 4/2 with haste and Mentor is a strong combination.
- Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves – Who doesn’t want to have more Wolves in play.
- Trostani Discordant – Pump all your creatures and get 2 more 1/1 lifelink Soldier tokens.

If you really want to go next level with this card, you can work it into a 4-colour Bant Prime Speaker Vannifar deck for even more craziness!

Next, it’s time for Jeskai to get some love with a new Bird creature. Here is Kykar, Wind’s Fury.

Talk about a creature, tailor-made to go straight into a Jeskai Superfriends deck. You get some sweet base stats of 3/3 Flying, which will give it some evasion to attack your opponents’ planeswalkers. Then, like Saheeli, Sublime Artificer, you start getting some creatures anytime you cast a noncreature spell, except this time you get 1/1 Flying Spirit tokens! A definite increase in token power. This will have evasion and you could build up an army quickly. If you are in a pinch for mana or want to cast a large X spell, you can sacrifice those Spirits to get some extra red mana. Great design and should fit into Jeskai decks without any issues.

Sultai needs a little bit of love today, so here is a creature with an ability like one of my favourite cards in recent years. Here is Yarok, the Desecrated.

This is another sweet multicolour card in Core Set 2020. To start off with, you get some strong base stats with a 3/5 deathtouch, lifelink creature for five mana. Forget that though, the key of awesomeness to this card is in its main ability. That’s right folks, it is Panharmonicon on a stick. It’s time to double those triggers. What are the best cards in Standard to take advantage of this? Here is a small list to help you out.

- Biogenic Ooze – Getting an extra Ooze on the battlefield will help you with your go wide strategy.
- Chamber Sentry – Getting double +1/+1 counters could make this a Standard threat.
- Disinformation Campaign – Four card swing, you draw 2, they discard two.
- Exclusion Mage – Returning two creatures to their owner’s hand is quite the tempo play.
- God-Eternal Rhonas – This will give all your creatures four time the power they had before it hit the battlefield.
- Hostage Taker – Two-for-one removal with this creature. Hopefully it stays alive so you can two more creatures on your side.
- Jadelight Ranger – This will give you 4 Explore triggers off one creature.
- Plaguecrafter – Two times removal for only three mana.

Finally, here is a new tiny leader that clocks in at a sweet casting cost of only 3 mana. Here is Kaalia, Zenith Seeker.

Kaalia is back and ready to make an impact. Looking at the base stats, you get a 3/3 Flying, Vigilance creature for only 3 mana, which is a strong creature even without any abilities. The ability that Kaalia, Zenith Seeker does have though, can gain you some major value. There are plenty of Angels, Demons, and Dragons in the format, but let’s see what the best hits in Standard would be.

- Angel of Grace – I will take a 5/4 Flash Flying creature for five mana.
- Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice – Great card to play on curve after Kaalia to attack in for five damage.
- Doom Whisperer – This Demon does it all, including being a 6/6 Flying, Trample creature.
- Lyra Dawnbringer – One of the best Angels in Standard, will help pump up your other Angels as well.
- Seraph of the Scales – Another creature that plays well on curve after Kaalia, Zenith Seeker.
- Shalai, Voice of Plenty – Always nice to protect all your other creatures and yourself at the same time.
- Skarrgan Hellkite – Deal some quick damage, or kill them slowly, it’s your choice.

It’s time to start brewing those 3-colour decks as you want to be playing these powerful 3-coloured creatures. What sweet deck will you make? Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Core Set 2020. Join me again tomorrow as I finish off the week talking about what I love, brand new Magic cards!