February 28, 2022

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Standard Deck Tech - Esper Kami War Call - MTG Arena

Welcome all to my weekly MTG Arena Video series! Each Monday and Friday I’ll have a new video ready to watch!

It's time for another Standard Deck Tech with new decks using Kamigawa Neon Dynasty cards. Today I'll be playing a five-colour (mostly Esper) Kami War deck. The goal of the deck is to cycle through cards early in the game in hopes of discarding heavy hitters like Hullbreaker Horror, Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant, and The Kami War into your graveyard. Once they are in your graveyard, you can get them onto the battlefield thanks to the new enchantment Spirit-Sister's Call. It will allow you to exchange a permanent on your battlefield with one of the same card type in your graveyard. This should help you gain an advantage by getting powerful cards out for cheaper than it would normally cost to cast them.

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