November 9, 2020

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Standard Deck Tech - Mono-Black Devotion

Welcome all to my weekly MTG Arena Video series! Each Monday and Friday I’ll have a new video ready to watch!

I'm back to continue my series of mono-coloured decks with some Mono-Black Devotion! The goal of this deck is to win the game through reanimation thanks to cards like Archfiend's Vessel and Lurrus of the Dream-Den, or win with devotion damage thanks to Gray Merchant of Asphodel. There are so many ways to reanimate creatures in this deck thanks to Call of the Death-Dweller and Agadeem's Awakening. If we're lucky, we'll even get the drain-combo win with Nightmare Shepherd and Gray Merchant of Asphodel, allowing us to potentially drain our opponent out in a single turn! Let's see if this deck has what it takes to be the strongest of the devotion style decks!

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