Drop In League


Baldur's Gate is perhaps one of the largest cities on the Sword Coast, rivalled only by Waterdeep in population. In the harbor of this coastal town sits a singular Tower.  Its origins are a mystery, but its abrupt (and rather rude) appearance in the city's waters are the subject of much rumor and speculation. The Tower's first floor is a tavern, an establishment that caters almost exclusively to adventurers looking for work. Floors above the first are, by all accounts, inaccessible to those uninvited. Petitions for assistance by local adventurers are submitted to the Tower's resident Wizard, who has his apprentices review and assign them to whatever schmuck happens to-... uh, er... ahem... assign them to the most HIGHLY and EXCELLENTLY qualified adventurers this land has to offer.

Looking at getting started with Dungeons and Dragons? We've got you covered with our DnD 5e bi-weekly drop in league. Come out to the store every second Monday, and join up with fellow adventurers to battle evil and find riches in the world of Faerun!



Every second Monday at 6:00 PM



If you're a Player Character:

Absolutely 100% Necessary

  • Your own 1st Level Character
  • A set of polyhedral dice (1x d20, 1x d12, 2x d10, 1x d8, 1x d6, 1x d4)


  • A method of recording information (pen/pencil & paper, tablet)
  • Reference material pertinent to your class (class spell cards, cue cards, a Player's Handbook, etc.)

If you're a Dungeon Master:

  • Everything the PCs need, you will also need (yes, including your own character.. who knows, you may get to play!)
  • Access to a Player's Handbook
  • A 2 to 4 hour adventure outline
  • Any supplemental materials you might need for said adventure



For source books, please restrict yourself to the offical printed materials: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, & Volo's Guide To Monsters (more can be permitted if released by WotC).

  • Your starting statistics should be based on the standard array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
  • You may select any race made available through the materials listed.  Choose wisely...
  • Printed Feats (and thus, Human variant) are permitted where applicable.
  • All classes listed in the printed materials are fair game!