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Product NameCategoryCashCredit
Akoum Firebird - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Aligned Hedron Network - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Ally EncampmentBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Ally Encampment - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Anticipate - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Bane of Bala Ged - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Beastcaller Savant - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Blight HerderBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Blight Herder - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.50$2.88
Blighted Cataract - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Blighted Fen - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Blighted Woodland - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Blisterpod - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Breaker of Armies - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Bring to LightBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Bring to Light - FoilBattle for Zendikar$5.00$5.75
Brutal Expulsion - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Canopy VistaBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Canopy Vista - FoilBattle for Zendikar$6.00$6.90
Catacomb Sifter - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Cinder GladeBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Cinder Glade - FoilBattle for Zendikar$6.00$6.90
Conduit of RuinBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Conduit of Ruin - FoilBattle for Zendikar$5.50$6.33
Crumble to Dust - FoilBattle for Zendikar$6.50$7.48
Desolation Twin - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Dispel - FoilBattle for Zendikar$3.00$3.45
Dragonmaster OutcastBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Dragonmaster Outcast - FoilBattle for Zendikar$6.00$6.90
Drana, Liberator of MalakirBattle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Drana, Liberator of Malakir - FoilBattle for Zendikar$9.00$10.35
Drana's Emissary - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Drowner of HopeBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Drowner of Hope - FoilBattle for Zendikar$5.00$5.75
Eldrazi Skyspawner - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.50$2.88
Emeria Shepherd - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.50$2.88
Endless OneBattle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Endless One - FoilBattle for Zendikar$8.00$9.20
Exert Influence - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Fathom Feeder - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Felidar Sovereign - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Forest (270) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Forest (271) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Forest (272) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Forest (273) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Forest (274) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
From Beyond - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.50$2.88
Gideon, Ally of ZendikarBattle for Zendikar$12.00$13.80
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar - FoilBattle for Zendikar$22.50$25.88
Greenwarden of MurasaBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Greenwarden of Murasa - FoilBattle for Zendikar$5.00$5.75
Halimar Tidecaller - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Hedron Archive - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.50$2.88
Herald of Kozilek - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Horribly Awry - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Island (255) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$7.00$8.05
Island (256) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Island (257) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Island (258) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Island (259) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$6.00$6.90
Jaddi Offshoot - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Kiora, Master of the DepthsBattle for Zendikar$2.50$2.88
Kiora, Master of the Depths - FoilBattle for Zendikar$10.00$11.50
Lantern Scout - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Lumbering FallsBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Lumbering Falls - FoilBattle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
March from the Tomb - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Mountain (265) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$6.00$6.90
Mountain (266) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Mountain (267) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Mountain (268) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Mountain (269) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Nissa's Renewal - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Ob Nixilis ReignitedBattle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Ob Nixilis Reignited - FoilBattle for Zendikar$13.00$14.95
Oblivion SowerBattle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Oblivion Sower - FoilBattle for Zendikar$15.00$17.25
Omnath, Locus of RageBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Omnath, Locus of Rage - FoilBattle for Zendikar$9.00$10.35
Painful TruthsBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Painful Truths - FoilBattle for Zendikar$10.00$11.50
Part the WaterveilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Part the Waterveil - FoilBattle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Plains (250) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Plains (251) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Plains (252) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Plains (253) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Plains (254) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Planar Outburst - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Prairie StreamBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Prairie Stream - FoilBattle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Quarantine FieldBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Quarantine Field - FoilBattle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Radiant Flames - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.50$2.88
Retreat to Coralhelm - FoilBattle for Zendikar$3.00$3.45
Ruination Guide - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Ruinous Path - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Sanctum of UginBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Sanctum of Ugin - FoilBattle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Scatter to the Winds - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Scour from Existence - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Shambling VentBattle for Zendikar$3.00$3.45
Shambling Vent - FoilBattle for Zendikar$7.00$8.05
Shrine of the Forsaken GodsBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Shrine of the Forsaken Gods - FoilBattle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Sire of StagnationBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Sire of Stagnation - FoilBattle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Smoldering MarshBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Smoldering Marsh - FoilBattle for Zendikar$7.00$8.05
Smothering Abomination - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Spell Shrivel - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Stasis Snare - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Sunken HollowBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Sunken Hollow - FoilBattle for Zendikar$8.00$9.20
Swamp (260) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Swamp (261) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Swamp (262) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Swamp (263) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Swamp (264) - Foil (Full Art)Battle for Zendikar$4.00$4.60
Sylvan Scrying - FoilBattle for Zendikar$3.50$4.03
Titan's Presence - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Transgress the Mind - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Ulamog, the Ceaseless HungerBattle for Zendikar$16.00$18.40
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger - FoilBattle for Zendikar$65.00$74.75
Undergrowth ChampionBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Undergrowth Champion - FoilBattle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Veteran Warleader - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Vile Aggregate - FoilBattle for Zendikar$1.00$1.15
Void WinnowerBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Void Winnower - FoilBattle for Zendikar$7.00$8.05
Wasteland StranglerBattle for Zendikar$1.50$1.73
Wasteland Strangler - FoilBattle for Zendikar$4.50$5.18
Woodland Wanderer - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.50$2.88
Zada, Hedron Grinder - FoilBattle for Zendikar$2.00$2.30
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit - FoilDragons of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Anticipate - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Arashin Foremost - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Assault Formation - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Atarka's CommandDragons of Tarkir$12.00$13.80
Atarka's Command - FoilDragons of Tarkir$15.00$17.25
Avatar of the Resolute - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Clone Legion - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Collected CompanyDragons of Tarkir$14.00$16.10
Collected Company - FoilDragons of Tarkir$35.00$40.25
Commune with Lava - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Deathmist RaptorDragons of Tarkir$6.00$6.90
Deathmist Raptor - FoilDragons of Tarkir$11.50$13.23
Den ProtectorDragons of Tarkir$4.50$5.18
Den Protector - FoilDragons of Tarkir$9.00$10.35
Descent of the DragonsDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Descent of the Dragons - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Draconic Roar - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Dragon Fodder - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Dragon Tempest - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Dragon WhispererDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Dragon Whisperer - FoilDragons of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Dragonlord AtarkaDragons of Tarkir$5.50$6.33
Dragonlord Atarka - FoilDragons of Tarkir$10.00$11.50
Dragonlord DromokaDragons of Tarkir$4.50$5.18
Dragonlord Dromoka - FoilDragons of Tarkir$10.00$11.50
Dragonlord KolaghanDragons of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Dragonlord Kolaghan - FoilDragons of Tarkir$4.50$5.18
Dragonlord OjutaiDragons of Tarkir$7.00$8.05
Dragonlord Ojutai - FoilDragons of Tarkir$20.00$23.00
Dragonlord SilumgarDragons of Tarkir$4.00$4.60
Dragonlord Silumgar - FoilDragons of Tarkir$7.00$8.05
Dragonlord's Prerogative - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Dragonlord's Servant - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Dromoka's CommandDragons of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Dromoka's Command - FoilDragons of Tarkir$7.00$8.05
Duress - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Evolving Wilds - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Explosive Vegetation - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Foul-Tongue Invocation - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Haven of the Spirit DragonDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Haven of the Spirit Dragon - FoilDragons of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Hidden Dragonslayer - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Icefall Regent - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Kolaghan's CommandDragons of Tarkir$15.00$17.25
Kolaghan's Command - FoilDragons of Tarkir$36.00$41.40
Lightning Berserker - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Living Lore - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Myth Realized - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Narset TranscendentDragons of Tarkir$7.00$8.05
Narset Transcendent - FoilDragons of Tarkir$15.00$17.25
Ojutai ExemplarsDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Ojutai Exemplars - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Ojutai's CommandDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Ojutai's Command - FoilDragons of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Rending Volley - FoilDragons of Tarkir$6.00$6.90
Risen ExecutionerDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Risen Executioner - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
RoastDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Roast - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Sarkhan UnbrokenDragons of Tarkir$4.00$4.60
Sarkhan Unbroken - FoilDragons of Tarkir$14.00$16.10
Sarkhan's Triumph - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Savage Ventmaw - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Secure the WastesDragons of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Secure the Wastes - FoilDragons of Tarkir$4.50$5.18
Self-Inflicted Wound - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Shaman of Forgotten WaysDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Shaman of Forgotten Ways - FoilDragons of Tarkir$7.00$8.05
Shorecrasher Elemental - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Sidisi, Undead VizierDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Sidisi, Undead Vizier - FoilDragons of Tarkir$4.00$4.60
SilkwrapDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Silkwrap - FoilDragons of Tarkir$4.00$4.60
Silumgar Sorcerer - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Silumgar's Command - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Silumgar's Scorn - FoilDragons of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Stratus Dancer - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Sunscorch Regent - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Surrak, the Hunt Caller - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Thunderbreak RegentDragons of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Thunderbreak Regent - FoilDragons of Tarkir$4.50$5.18
Ultimate Price - FoilDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Zurgo BellstrikerDragons of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Zurgo Bellstriker - FoilDragons of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Alesha, Who Smiles at Death - FoilFate Reforged$2.50$2.88
Atarka, World Render - FoilFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Brutal HordechiefFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Brutal Hordechief - FoilFate Reforged$3.50$4.03
Citadel Siege - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Cloudform - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Crucible of the Spirit Dragon - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Crux of Fate - FoilFate Reforged$2.50$2.88
Dark Deal - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Dromoka, the Eternal - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Flamewake Phoenix - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Frontier Siege - FoilFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Frost Walker - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Ghastly Conscription - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Gurmag Angler - FoilFate Reforged$5.00$5.75
Hero's Blade - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Humble Defector - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury - FoilFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Mardu Strike Leader - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Mardu Woe-Reaper - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Mastery of the Unseen - FoilFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Monastery MentorFate Reforged$16.00$18.40
Monastery Mentor - FoilFate Reforged$60.00$69.00
Monastery Siege - FoilFate Reforged$2.50$2.88
Ojutai, Soul of Winter - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Outpost Siege - FoilFate Reforged$2.00$2.30
Palace Siege - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Rally the AncestorsFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Rally the Ancestors - FoilFate Reforged$2.50$2.88
Reality Shift - FoilFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Shaman of the Great Hunt - FoilFate Reforged$2.00$2.30
Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest - FoilFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Silumgar, the Drifting Death - FoilFate Reforged$2.00$2.30
Soulfire Grand MasterFate Reforged$4.50$5.18
Soulfire Grand Master - FoilFate Reforged$9.00$10.35
Tasigur, the Golden FangFate Reforged$3.00$3.45
Tasigur, the Golden Fang - FoilFate Reforged$24.00$27.60
Temporal TrespassFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Temporal Trespass - FoilFate Reforged$4.50$5.18
Temur Battle Rage - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Temur Sabertooth - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Torrent Elemental - FoilFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Ugin, the Spirit DragonFate Reforged$22.50$25.88
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - FoilFate Reforged$60.00$69.00
Valorous Stance - FoilFate Reforged$2.00$2.30
Warden of the First TreeFate Reforged$1.50$1.73
Warden of the First Tree - FoilFate Reforged$4.00$4.60
Whisperwood Elemental - FoilFate Reforged$5.50$6.33
Wild Slash - FoilFate Reforged$2.00$2.30
Yasova Dragonclaw - FoilFate Reforged$1.00$1.15
Abzan Charm - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Anafenza, the ForemostKhans of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Anafenza, the Foremost - FoilKhans of Tarkir$8.00$9.20
Ashcloud Phoenix - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Become ImmenseKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Become Immense - FoilKhans of Tarkir$5.00$5.75
Bloodsoaked Champion - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Bloodstained MireKhans of Tarkir$15.00$17.25
Bloodstained Mire - FoilKhans of Tarkir$38.00$43.70
Clever ImpersonatorKhans of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Clever Impersonator - FoilKhans of Tarkir$8.00$9.20
Crackling Doom - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Crater's Claws - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Deflecting Palm - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Dig Through TimeKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Dig Through Time - FoilKhans of Tarkir$7.00$8.05
Disdainful Stroke - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Empty the Pits - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
End Hostilities - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Feed the Clan - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Flooded StrandKhans of Tarkir$14.00$16.10
Flooded Strand - FoilKhans of Tarkir$45.00$51.75
Frontier Bivouac - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Ghostfire BladeKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Ghostfire Blade - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Hardened ScalesKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Hardened Scales - FoilKhans of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Hooded Hydra - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Hooting Mandrills - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Hordeling Outburst - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Island (256) - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Jeskai Ascendancy - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Jeskai Charm - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Mantis Rider - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Mindswipe - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Monastery SwiftspearKhans of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Monastery Swiftspear - FoilKhans of Tarkir$12.00$13.80
Murderous Cut - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Mystic Monastery - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Narset, Enlightened Master - FoilKhans of Tarkir$4.50$5.18
Nomad Outpost - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Opulent Palace - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Pearl Lake Ancient - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Polluted DeltaKhans of Tarkir$15.00$17.25
Polluted Delta - FoilKhans of Tarkir$60.00$69.00
Rakshasa Deathdealer - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Rattleclaw Mystic - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Sandsteppe Citadel - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Sarkhan, the DragonspeakerKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker - FoilKhans of Tarkir$7.00$8.05
Savage Knuckleblade - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
See the Unwritten - FoilKhans of Tarkir$4.00$4.60
Seeker of the Way - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Siege RhinoKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Siege Rhino - FoilKhans of Tarkir$5.50$6.33
Sorin, Solemn VisitorKhans of Tarkir$5.00$5.75
Sorin, Solemn Visitor - FoilKhans of Tarkir$12.00$13.80
Stubborn Denial - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.50$2.88
Surrak Dragonclaw - FoilKhans of Tarkir$2.00$2.30
Temur Ascendancy - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Treasure Cruise - FoilKhans of Tarkir$3.00$3.45
Ugin's Nexus - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Utter End - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.50$1.73
Vampire TokenKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Windswept HeathKhans of Tarkir$10.00$11.50
Windswept Heath - FoilKhans of Tarkir$36.00$41.40
Wingmate RocKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Wingmate Roc - FoilKhans of Tarkir$4.00$4.60
Wooded FoothillsKhans of Tarkir$15.00$17.25
Wooded Foothills - FoilKhans of Tarkir$30.00$34.50
Zurgo Helmsmasher - FoilKhans of Tarkir$1.00$1.15
Abbot of Keral KeepMagic Origins$7.00$8.05
Abbot of Keral Keep - FoilMagic Origins$9.00$10.35
Alhammarret's ArchiveMagic Origins$3.50$4.03
Alhammarret's Archive - FoilMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Animist's Awakening - FoilMagic Origins$3.00$3.45
Archangel of TithesMagic Origins$4.00$4.60
Archangel of Tithes - FoilMagic Origins$8.50$9.78
Avaricious DragonMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Avaricious Dragon - FoilMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Battlefield ForgeMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Battlefield Forge - FoilMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Bounding Krasis - FoilMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Caves of KoilosMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Caves of Koilos - FoilMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh // Chandra, Roaring FlameMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh // Chandra, Roaring Flame - FoilMagic Origins$9.00$10.35
Chief of the Foundry - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Clash of Wills - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Consul's Lieutenant - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Dark PetitionMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Dark Petition - FoilMagic Origins$6.00$6.90
Day's UndoingMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Day's Undoing - FoilMagic Origins$7.00$8.05
Demonic PactMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Demonic Pact - FoilMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Despoiler of Souls - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Disciple of the Ring - FoilMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen - FoilMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Dwynen's Elite - FoilMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Erebos's Titan - FoilMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Evolutionary Leap - FoilMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Exquisite FirecraftMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Exquisite Firecraft - FoilMagic Origins$4.00$4.60
Fiery Impulse - FoilMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Flameshadow Conjuring - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Foundry of the Consuls - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Gaea's Revenge - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Gather the Pack - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Ghirapur Aether Grid - FoilMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Gilt-Leaf Winnower - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Gnarlroot Trapper - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Goblin Glory Chaser - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Goblin PiledriverMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Goblin Piledriver - FoilMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Hallowed MoonlightMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Hallowed Moonlight - FoilMagic Origins$3.50$4.03
Hangarback WalkerMagic Origins$6.00$6.90
Hangarback Walker - FoilMagic Origins$18.00$20.70
Harbinger of the TidesMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Harbinger of the Tides - FoilMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Herald of the Pantheon - FoilMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Honored Hierarch - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Infinite ObliterationMagic Origins$3.00$3.45
Infinite Obliteration - FoilMagic Origins$4.00$4.60
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath UnboundMagic Origins$60.00$69.00
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath Unbound - FoilMagic Origins$80.00$92.00
Jace's Sanctum - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Knight of the White OrchidMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Knight of the White Orchid - FoilMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Kothophed, Soul Hoarder - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Kytheon, Hero of Akros // Gideon, Battle-ForgedMagic Origins$4.00$4.60
Kytheon, Hero of Akros // Gideon, Battle-Forged - FoilMagic Origins$6.00$6.90
LanguishMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Languish - FoilMagic Origins$4.00$4.60
Liliana, Heretical Healer // Liliana, Defiant NecromancerMagic Origins$13.00$14.95
Liliana, Heretical Healer // Liliana, Defiant Necromancer - FoilMagic Origins$20.00$23.00
Llanowar WastesMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Llanowar Wastes - FoilMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Magmatic Insight - FoilMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Managorger HydraMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Managorger Hydra - FoilMagic Origins$4.00$4.60
Molten Vortex - FoilMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Nissa, Vastwood Seer // Nissa, Sage AnimistMagic Origins$10.00$11.50
Nissa, Vastwood Seer // Nissa, Sage Animist - FoilMagic Origins$20.00$23.00
Orbs of Warding - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Pia and Kiran NalaarMagic Origins$4.00$4.60
Pia and Kiran Nalaar - FoilMagic Origins$8.00$9.20
Psychic Rebuttal - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Pyromancer's GogglesMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Pyromancer's Goggles - FoilMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Scab-Clan Berserker - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Shaman of the Pack - FoilMagic Origins$3.50$4.03
Shivan ReefMagic Origins$2.50$2.88
Shivan Reef - FoilMagic Origins$3.00$3.45
Sigil of the Empty Throne - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Sphinx's Tutelage - FoilMagic Origins$3.00$3.45
Starfield of NyxMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Starfield of Nyx - FoilMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Swift Reckoning - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Sword of the AnimistMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Sword of the Animist - FoilMagic Origins$4.50$5.18
Tainted Remedy - FoilMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Talent of the Telepath - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Terra StomperMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
The Great Aurora - FoilMagic Origins$3.00$3.45
Thopter Engineer - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Thopter Spy Network - FoilMagic Origins$1.50$1.73
Tragic Arrogance - FoilMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Vryn Wingmare - FoilMagic Origins$3.00$3.45
Whirler Rogue - FoilMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Woodland BellowerMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Woodland Bellower - FoilMagic Origins$4.00$4.60
Yavimaya CoastMagic Origins$1.00$1.15
Yavimaya Coast - FoilMagic Origins$2.00$2.30
Ayli, Eternal PilgrimOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$6.00$6.90
Bearer of Silence - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.50$2.88
Call the Gatewatch - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.50$2.88
Captain's Claws - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.50$2.88
Chandra, FlamecallerOath of the Gatewatch$7.00$8.05
Chandra, Flamecaller - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$18.00$20.70
Corrupted Crossroads - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.50$2.88
Crumbling Vestige - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Crush of TentaclesOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Crush of Tentacles - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$6.00$6.90
Deceiver of Form - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Dimensional Infiltrator - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.50$1.73
Dread Defiler - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Eldrazi DisplacerOath of the Gatewatch$3.00$3.45
Eldrazi Displacer - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$7.00$8.05
Eldrazi MimicOath of the Gatewatch$3.50$4.03
Eldrazi Mimic - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$9.00$10.35
Eldrazi ObligatorOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Eldrazi Obligator - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$3.50$4.03
Endbringer - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Expedite - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Fall of the Titans - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Flaying Tendrils - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.50$2.88
General Tazri - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$6.00$6.90
Goblin Dark-DwellersOath of the Gatewatch$1.50$1.73
Goblin Dark-Dwellers - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$5.50$6.33
Grasp of Darkness - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Hedron Alignment - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Hissing QuagmireOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Hissing Quagmire - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$6.00$6.90
Holdout Settlement - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Inverter of Truth - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$4.00$4.60
Jori En, Ruin Diver - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$3.50$4.03
Kalitas, Traitor of GhetOath of the Gatewatch$14.00$16.10
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$24.00$27.60
Kozilek, the Great DistortionOath of the Gatewatch$7.00$8.05
Kozilek, the Great Distortion - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$36.00$41.40
Kozilek's ReturnOath of the Gatewatch$6.50$7.48
Kozilek's Return - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$16.00$18.40
Linvala, the PreserverOath of the Gatewatch$1.50$1.73
Linvala, the Preserver - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$13.00$14.95
Matter ReshaperOath of the Gatewatch$3.50$4.03
Matter Reshaper - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$10.00$11.50
Mina and Denn, Wildborn - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$3.50$4.03
MirrorpoolOath of the Gatewatch$3.00$3.45
Mirrorpool - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$10.00$11.50
Natural State - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Needle Spires - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$4.00$4.60
Nissa, Voice of ZendikarOath of the Gatewatch$7.00$8.05
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$20.00$23.00
Oath of Chandra - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.50$1.73
Oath of Gideon - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.50$2.88
Oath of Jace - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Oath of NissaOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Oath of Nissa - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$6.50$7.48
Overwhelming Denial - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.50$1.73
Reality SmasherOath of the Gatewatch$6.00$6.90
Reality Smasher - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$13.00$14.95
Reckless Bushwhacker - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Reflector Mage - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$6.50$7.48
Remorseless Punishment - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Ruin in Their Wake - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Ruins of Oran-Rief - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.50$1.73
Sea Gate WreckageOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Sea Gate Wreckage - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$5.00$5.75
Slip Through Space - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.50$1.73
Spatial Contortion - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.50$2.88
Sphinx of the Final WordOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Sphinx of the Final Word - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$9.00$10.35
Stone Haven Outfitter - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.50$1.73
Stoneforge Masterwork - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Stormchaser MageOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Stormchaser Mage - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$9.00$10.35
Sylvan AdvocateOath of the Gatewatch$3.50$4.03
Sylvan Advocate - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$10.00$11.50
Thought-Knot SeerOath of the Gatewatch$10.00$11.50
Thought-Knot Seer - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$20.00$23.00
Vile Redeemer - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$1.00$1.15
Void Shatter - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Wall of Resurgence - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Wandering FumaroleOath of the Gatewatch$2.00$2.30
Wandering Fumarole - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$9.00$10.35
Warping Wail - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$6.00$6.90
Wastes (183) - Foil (Full Art)Oath of the Gatewatch$16.00$18.40
Wastes (184) - Foil (Full Art)Oath of the Gatewatch$16.00$18.40
World BreakerOath of the Gatewatch$6.00$6.90
World Breaker - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$12.00$13.80
Zendikar Resurgent - FoilOath of the Gatewatch$2.50$2.88

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