Wizard's Tower Magic Player Rewards Program

Play in Magic Events, Get Rewards!

Play In Magic Events

We have Magic events every day of the week! There are events for all levels of players spanning multiple Magic formats.

Get Stamps

Collect 8 stamps to complete your Rewards card!

Redeem Your Rewards Card

Redeem your completed Rewards Card for discounted event entries or free products!

New Magic Players

Learn to Play Magic the Gathering

Join us at Wizard's Tower for our Learn to Play Magic Events. This is a great opportunity to learn the game of Magic or get back into playing if you've been away from the game for a couple of years. This event is open to all levels with a focus on learning and having fun!

Bring a New Player Promotion!

Bring a new player* to one of our Magic events and both players will get 50% off the entry fee for that event! (Applies to $5 Constructed events and $15 Booster Drafts only)

Wizard's Tower New Player Rewards Card

New players will receive a DCI card, a Magic Starter Deck, and a Wizard's Tower New Player Rewards Card. Each time you play in a Magic event at Wizard's Tower you will receive a stamp on your card. Once you reach eight stamps, you can redeem your card for a **New Player Prize Pack!

*refers to players without an active DCI number.

**New Player Prize Pack includes, sleeves, deck box, dice, pen and other great items!

All Magic Players

Introducing the Wizard's Tower Reward Card

Every time you play in one of our Magic events, you will receive a stamp for your Wizard's Tower Player Rewards card. Once you get 8 stamps, you can trade your Rewards card in for $5 coupon off an event, or a free Standard-legal Magic Booster Pack (*$5.99 or less, cannot be used for Collector Booster Packs)! What's even better is that the next Magic event you play in, you can keep working towards more rewards by getting another Wizard's Tower Player Rewards Card!

Play in More Magic Events

You will get a stamp for your Wizard's Tower Rewards Card no matter what Magic Event you play in at Wizard's Tower. This includes such Magic Events as Standard, Draft, Modern, Sealed, Legacy, Pauper, Commander, Open House, Prerelease, Learn to Play Magic Events, etc.

*Rewards Card expires 1 year after the first date stamped on the card. Stamps cannot be combined across multiple cards.


Q - Are cards transferable?
A - No they are not. Cards can only be used by the name on the card.

Q - Can you use multiple Rewards cards for one event?
A - Only 1 rewards card can be redeemed per event.

Q - Do the Rewards cards expire?
A - All events must be played within 1 year of the first date stamped on the card for customer to be eligible to redeem the Rewards card. If that applies, customer may redeem the Rewards card for as long as the program is running.