Alchemy Deck Tech - Orzhov Angels - MTG Arena


Welcome all to my weekly MTG Arena Video series! Each Monday and Friday I’ll have a new video ready to watch!

Welcome back to the channel and I'm here with another Alchemy Deck Tech. Today I'll be playing Orzhov Angels. The goal of this deck is to overwhelm your opponent with Angels. You can also gain a ton of life with this deck thanks to cards like Angel of Vitality and Righteous Valkyrie. Firja's Retribution can be used as a finisher to clear the path of creatures and finish them off by giving your Angels double strike. Rampage of the Valkyries is a tough enchantment for your opponent to deal with as even if they remove your powerful Angels they must sacrifice a creature of their own. You can even start off your Angel dominance on turn two thanks to having eight two-drop Angels to cast.

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