Board Game Rental

Board Game Rental Policies

Rules of play

  1. Sign in with a Staff member before taking a seat or grabbing a game
  2. Choose the game you'd wish to sign out
  3. Sign out with a Staff member
  4. Play
  5. Return to staff member with all pieces neatly packed into their provided storage option
  6. Sign out another or head on your way

Additional policies

Board Game space may be lost to scheduled events, call ahead or check our events CALENDAR to make sure your play won't be interrupted by a scheduled event.

We are a family establishment and while we understand that games can get heated we request customers keep the volume reasonable and refrain from cursing or crass language while in the store.

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7 Wonders
A Christmas Story
A Game of Cat & Mouth
Adventure Inc
Arkham Horror 2nd Edition
AzulLearn to play
Azul Summer PavilionLearn to play
Bears vs Babies
Betrayel at House on The Hill
Black Gold
BlueprintsLearn to play
Boss MonsterLearn to play
Call to AdventureLearn to play
CarcassonneLearn to play
CatanLearn to play
Catan Cities and Guild
Catan Explorers & Pirate
Catan Traders & Barbarians
Champions of Akathena
ChessLearn to play
Cities Sklines
Clank! in Space
Cosmic Encounter
DixitLearn to play
Dungeon Roll
Elder Sign
Eldritch Horror
Escape the Curse of the Temple
Exploding Kittens Learn to play
Fog of Love
Fun Facts
Ghost Blitz
Gloom Learn to play
Imhotep Builder of EgypLearn to play
Imhotep Duels
Krosmaster Arena 2.0
Labyrinth Learn to play
Lit Wit
Machi Koro Learn to play
Mice and Mystics
On a Scale of One to T-rex
Once Upon a Time
PandemicLearn to play
Pandemic In The Lab
Pandemic Rapid Response
Poetry for Neanderthals
Robinson Crusoe
Roll for Adventure
Rolling Empires
Sheriff of NottinghamLearn to play
Smallworld Underground
Space Battle Lunchtime
Splendor Learn to play
Survive Space Attack
The Red Dragon InnLearn to play
Ticket to RideLearn to play
Ticket to Ride Europe
TsuroLearn to play
Tsuro RisingLearn to play
Welcome Back to the Dungeon
Welcome to the Dungeon
World Fair

Wizard's Tower Mission to Players

We at the Wizard’s Tower believe in a fun and safe playing environment for all players. We want everyone to be able to come to our events and have fun playing Magic, D&D, or any other game of choice at the store!

We want to create a safe and positive playing environment here without harassment. This includes players not participating in collusion or match fixing of any kind with other players. We ask that players do not request that other players concede any matches by offering rewards or payment to alter the results of an event. We want all players to come to the Wizard’s Tower and do what they came here to do, have fun playing the games they love.

If at any time you feel that you are being harassed, or feel pressured to do anything that you don’t want to, please speak to a staff member immediately and we will address the situation.

We look forward to seeing you at the store doing what you love most, playing games with friends!