September 19, 2019

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Challenge Accepted - Mulldrifters vs Baneslayers

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Challenge Accepted. This week we're testing which is better: The , or the . Mulldrifters are all about drawing cards and accruing value with small creatures. Baneslayers on the other hand, are big fliers with lots of powerful keywords attached to them. What will win in this battle: Card advantage or aggressive creatures? Logan's Deck Jason's Deck

September 12, 2019

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Checking out the Brawl Decks - ChompydaChupacabra - MTGArena

Hey guys, today I'll be playing Brawl, a new commander-like format using only standard cards on Arena. In this video, I'll be testing out all four Brawl decks that WOTC added to Arena. First off, I'll be trying out the "Wild Bounty" deck starring . That's then followed by the "Knight's Charge" deck lead by .  Then I give the "Savage Hunter" deck,  helmed by . Finally, I wrap it up with "Faerie...

September 10, 2019

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Budget Verity Circle - ChompydaChpacabra - MTGArena

Hey guys, welcome to another video. This week we're playing a Blue-Black deck featuring and that uses only 8 rare wildcards (none of which rotate). If you like jank on a budget, this deck may just be for you!

September 5, 2019

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Challenge Accepted - 3CMC+

Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of Challenge Accepted. This week our theme is 3CMC+, meaning that we can only play cards with converted mana cost 3 or greater. Logan's Deck Jason's Deck This is how I would adapt my deck for Standard. SPOILER ALERT: I may actually win a game this time. Yes, this is the first time I've won a game on this series. Yes, I was trying. No, this isn't the first time...

September 3, 2019

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Omniscience Draft - ChompydaChupacabra - MTGArena

Hey guys, it's time for my favourite format ever, Omniscience Draft! When I drafted to get used to this format before the video, I went 7-2, so I've put the bar for success pretty high. And then after this video I went 6-3. Will this draft live up to the hype? Will I make some newb mistake and do terribly? All this and more, in the video.

August 29, 2019

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Landfall Constructed - Gateshift - ChompydaChupacabra - MTGArena

Hey everyone, welcome to another video! Do you hate as much as I do? If you do, I have just the thing for you. Today I'm using my super secret recipe for fun decks. Let me tell you how it works:  Find a deck  Remove half the cards  Replace them with card draw Allow me to introduce Gateshift! This deck is the perfect blend of card draw and unfun I-win-the-game cards. For a limited time only,...

August 27, 2019

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Standard Shakeup – Temur Reclamation – ChompydaChupacabra

Hey guys, today we’re playing Standard Shakeup, a format where 20 of the best cards are banned. It’s time to play my favourite deck in Standard, Temur . Well, it turns out that Temur Reclamation is no longer a deck, even without all the powerful cards in the format. Hopefully it’ll see more play after rotation. Thanks for watching the video.Let me know in the comments below if there is...

August 22, 2019

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5c Squeeless Squee - ChompydaChupacabra - MTGArena

Today, we're continuing the list of combo decks we can play, playing a Squeeless Squee combo deck while also getting a lesson on why you should always, ALWAYS read Gatherer rulings before spending a bunch of wildcards on a bad deck.

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