April 11, 2016

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Commander Monday: Top 10 Underrated Multicolour Cards in EDH

A little while ago I wrote a piece talking about my 15 most underrated EDH cards. Unfortunately, that list only extended to three cards in each single colour. Since then, I've had many people suggesting multicolour cards that they find are underrated, as well as artifacts and lands. Today, I'm going to share what I find are ten of the most sorely underrated multicolour cards in the format. I will discuss artifacts and lands in next week's article.

These cards are listed in no particular order, there is simply one for each two colour pair. The reason for this is that the pool of three-colour cards is incredibly small by comparison, and which three-colour cards are good enough to play is fairly obvious by comparison.

Whether as your Commander, or as a piece in a creature based deck playing Blue/White, I've witnessed Ephara into quite a bit of value. She works incredibly well with flicker and blink effects such as Deadeye Navigator and Eldrazi Displacer as well as lying in colours that have a great deal of creatures with flash. With the right tools, Ephara will draw you a card on each turn, including your opponents'.

I see a great deal of players in these colours who don't run Notion Thief, either because they don't think it's good enough, or because they don't want to run creatures. I think that even in decks that punish people for using creatures, which are common among Blue/Black players, Notion Thief is worth including. It's synergy with simple cards like Windfall is too staggering to ignore. It also destroys opponents who cast a Brainstorm or Faithless Looting.

I absolutely love this card,  any Rakdos coloured decks that run Shatter and not this confuse me. Every one of its modes can be quite relevant in EDH. Killing artifacts is always strong, there are many graveyard based decks that do not want to have their graveyard exiled, and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combos get blown out of the water by the damage mode.

In Gruul decks that make lots of creatures, being able to kill opponent's creatures constantly seems quite nice. I run this beast in my Omnath, Locus of Rage deck, and I find that fighting something every time I play land is just obscene. Having Ragebeast out makes it very difficult for an opponent to establish any sort of creature based board state.

This fantastic tutor is a card that even I am often guilty of forgetting about when building decks, but having a sacrifice outlet attached to a tutor in the two colours that generally lack either is quite good. It's not Diabolic Intent but it tends to get the job done quite well.

I would not likely play Eviction in a competitive deck unless it was something slow and rampy like Oloro, Ageless Ascetic. However, in more casual circles, this card is a monster. Many decks already play Final Judgment so something that basically does the same thing while having other options is quite absurd. Easily good enough for decks that aren't going to tournaments.

I absolutely adore this card. Stealing Planeswalkers and ultimating them, or simply getting more use out of an opponent's Mana Vault than they are is just quite satisfying. I would never play one-off spells like Act of Treason in EDH. But this guy is fantastic.

Like Altar of Bone, this is a card that I'm puzzlingly guilty of forgetting about. I used to play it in every deck I could but after taking a long break from the format I seem to have simply forgot that it existed. I, not too long ago, wrote an article about Tasigur, the Golden Fang that did not include this incredibly powerful board wipe. Since then I have rectified that mistake, and would recommend that anyone else who can get their hands on this card play with it as well.

I have gone on record to say that I do not enjoy playing Boros, at all. However, I don't mind playing decks that are X/White or X/Red that have a splash of the other colour for utility. And Assemble the Legion provides a great deal of it. I like to combo, I also like to make my opponent's miserable. So something about combining Assemble the Legion with Descent into Madness is very satisfying. With this combo, you can indefinitely exile all permanents you don't control, while simply feeding the tokens to the madness each turn.

I love this card, my friends don't. I play it in my Tasigur deck because it plays well with my lock pieces, being able to untap my Bloom Tender with a Static Orb out just feels great. I can see why people don't think she's good enough, but she will generally be a very late cut from my decks, if she even gets cut at all.