May 24, 2016

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Commander Mondays: Karona, False God

False Hugs from False Gods

Today I bring you a nice group hug deck, with Karona, False God at the helm. It is a build that plays like group hug is actually supposed to, in that it plays many proper support cards for the table, as well as actual win conditions. Many group hug decks just durdle around and don't care if they win, but Karona doesn't, it is the harbinger of a slaughter.

Some Bits of Interest

Notably, this deck doesn't include any group hug cards that don't actually benefit the pilots. Nothing like Boldwyr Heavyweights or Tempting Wurm. This deck is meant to rush quickly into its own strategy while keeping the opponent's off guard. Many more casual players are quick to leave group hug decks alone, because they believe that the Howling Mine will help them win faster than the hug player can anyway.

How Does it Win?

The main way to win with this kind of deck is to stall out the game, and drop many mana doubling effects such as Mana Flare. When the timing is right, the Karona player can drop Karona and stick a Vow of Malice or one of its siblings, and proceed to make tokens. Karona's favourite token generators are instant-speed "X" spells, because your opponents won't see them coming as easily. So White Sun's Zenith and Secure the Wastes are fantastic tutor targets.

Other notable ways to win are using Braids, Conjurer Adept to bring in a few particularly powerful permanents that are snuck into the deck, such as Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger or Omniscience. Notion Thief is included with the great deal of draw effects due to its ability to let your hand size get obnoxious.

The Deck List

False Hugs from False Gods

Commander (1)
Creature (12)
Spells (30)
Artifact (11)
Enchantment (9)
Land (37)

Thanks again for reading. If any of my readers decide to sling this deck at their table, make sure you give your friends a hug for me. Until next time, have a great week.