October 29, 2019

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Commanders Brew Episode 217 - Vigilance the Deck!

Don't you hate having a great creature that could attack one player really effectively, but you can't because that would leave you wide open for a counterattack? That's what Vigilance is for! Here's the deck we chatted about in our podcast episode 217. It's all about Vigilance!


Enjoy casting monstrous creatures and giving them all vigilance. Heck, we'll even share other keywords among the team, so that we can attack whichever opponent we want to without fear of what might happen on the crackback! Vigilance is truly the warm fuzzy keyword.

Vigilance the Deck!

Commander: (1)
Creatures: (33)
Artifacts: (11)
Enchantments: (4)
Instants: (10)
Sorceries: (4)
Planeswalkers: (1)
Lands: (36)