February 12, 2020

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Commander's Brew Episode 232 - Meren & the Discarding 4 Drops

No, this is not the latest indie band to hit the cool music scene of your city, its the latest episode of THE BREW! I've been looking for an unorthodox Meren deck for a long time and thanks to the help of our amazing Patrons in our Discord we have found one! This is not your grandfather's Meren deck! It's mine. I already told you that. This deck revolves around Fleshwrither and it's unique ability, Transfigure to use a host of 4 mana creatures to tutor up toolbox-style. Throw in Meren's ability and a bunch of cycling/discarding synergies and we have ourselves a very off the wall but incredibly fun to play Golgari deck! HAVE FUN!

Meren & the Discarding 4 Drops

Commander (1)
Creature (48)
Artifact (4)
Enchantment (4)
Instant (2)
Sorcery (3)
Land (38)