March 19, 2021

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The 16 EDH Cards from Time Spiral Remastered we're most excited about - Commander's Brew Episode 287 - Time Spiral Set Review

With another greatest hits, all reprint set on the market now with Time Spiral Remastered, we Commander players are seeing a ton of great cards hit the market with all new and (mostly) cheaper prices. I've decided to lay out a few cards that EDH players will want to pay attention to because they either rarely get reprints or just because they're back in the spotlight for a second and they may be worth a second look for some of your decks!



Starting with White we see a couple of fun reprints with Mangara and Aven Mindcensor, two cards to really get your opponent's goat without being oppressive. Aven Mindcensor is like Stax-lite, but just be aware players hate it when you prevent them from doing something they think is essential. I've seen these cards draw a fair bit of hate in a game so be prepared for a crackback.



Blue gets a hotly anticipated card (Ancestral Vision) plus some great "hey I remember these cards" type reprints here with Draining Whelk and Magus of the Future. Ancestral is a bit overrated in Commander I think, mostly because it's such an impact card in other formats, but waiting three whole turns in a multiplayer game is a LOT. Draining Whelk on the other hand is one of my all-time favourite cards and I think it's better in a lot more decks that people give it credit for.



Combo and reanimator enabler Dread Return is back as is perhaps the most underrated Commander card of all time, Sudden Spoiling. Split Second means Sudden Spoiling does a ton of work to stop opponents from comboing off or just halting their gigantic attack in its tracks. A lot of value for a three mana instant in here.



Red sees another expensive buyback card in Reiterate which will hopefully cool off the price of it for anyone looking to grab one for their Mizzix decks or just janky copy lists. Gargadon and Stingscourger offer unique abilities to Red in permanent sacrifice and bounce that are both better than they sound in the right decks.



The all-time best artifact/enchantment removal spell, Krosan Grip gets a nice reprint, as well as some more iconic ramp in Search for Tomorrow and a creature tutor (finally!) in Summoner's Pact. Pact cards are spicy and if you can get the timing right this card will often win you the game on the spot.



Finally, Time Spiral Remastered is no stranger to excellent artifacts including the absolute Legendary (and much-needed reprints of) Akroma's Memorial and Cloud Key. Both should see very brief price dips so grab these when you can. The same goes for EDH staple Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth which last saw a printing in like M15 or something? Snap these up asap!

That does it! There's plenty of great cards in this set, not to mention some great legendary creatures and some epic surprises and discoveries, all of which you can hear more about in this week's episode! So head over to your local podcast app or if you're more of a visual person try our youtube channel at for all this and more! Happy Time Spiraling!