June 22, 2021

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Commander's Brew Episode 301 - Carth the Lion Planeswalker Reanimator

Carth the Lion LOVES Golgari planeswalkers, so in this deck we try to cast as many as we can and win with the overwhelming advantage, card advantage and creature advantage they give us. But there's a different sort of spin on this deck in addition to the superfriends angle. Because of Carth's ability we're sacrificing or just using up our walkers, using planeswalker reanimator spells to get those high powered and high impact cards back onto the battlefield while also digging for more planeswalkers. Its value meets value meets value and if you're a Golgari fan you already know all about extracting every drop of value from every single card in your deck.

Stuff like Regrowth and Seasons Past do a good impression of reanimator spells, but then you get actual ones like Aid the Fallen to make this strategy all the better. Aiding us in what will no doubt be an archenemy game once our opponents realize what we're doing, are spells like Pernicious Deed and Nevinyrral's Disk, the classic planeswalker protection package.

The actual planeswalkers will be our key to victory, however, with the Nissa's and Vivien's providing us with creature tokens and then the Garruk's ramping us into an overrun or just being an overrun himself. This is the key part of the deck that actually gives you some flexibility, basically just get token making planeswalkers that work for your budget. I love the cheaper Garruk's and Nissa's and don't think you need much more than that. I'd even suggest just getting a bunch of the War of the Spark uncommon walkers and building around tokens all together for a great budget option.

This deck is a lot of fun but be aware people do ont like planeswalkers sitting out and getting all the value so you must be ok with getting attacked and being the center of aggression most games. But while its not for the faint of heart, this Carth deck is a lot of fun and will get you some hard fought wins at your table.