July 20, 2021

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Commander's Brew Episode 304: Prosper, Tome-Bound

This week I'm joined by special guest-host Mike Carrozza and we wasted no time brewing up a sweet Prosper, Tome-Bound deck, utilizing all the different ways to exile cards and use the "impulse" draw mechanic to our advantage to create massive card advantage as well as massive amounts of treasures.

Since Prosper is sort of its own little engine, we are just augmenting the abilities already on this great card with things like Xorn, Outpost Siege and Birgi, God of Storytelling or, rather Harnfel, Horn of Bounty.

The deck does have two real value-oriented abilities very well and while we Commander players love to durdle, we'll need an actual way to defeat our enemies. That's where an all-time favourite card comes in, Marionette Master. Basically reading whenever you use a treasure, hit an opponent for four. Pair this with a bunch of other similar cards like Reckless Fireweaver and Nadier's Nightblade and your opponents have to fear every little treasure token they see.

Rakdos usually represents the aggressive deck at any given table but with Prosper, we lean much more heavily on a value/control/combo style that also loves to sit back and use cards like Hurl Through Hell to remove/steal something important and then combo out with an actual storm card, Galvanic Relay.

With tons of ways to go when customizing this precon, (pirate tribal is a real option btw) Prosper is one of the most interesting and fun yet still very on flavour Rakdos commanders we've ever seen and I'm excited to play with it at my next commander night. Let me know what you all think and we'll be back next week with another brand new deck!

Prosper, Tome-Bound

Commander (1)
Creature (24)
Enchantment (10)
Artifact (14)
Instant (6)
Sorcery (11)
Land (34)