January 29, 2020

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The Legendary Deadeye

Are you ready for a spicy new list? The requirement for the build this time was UB enter-the-battlefield effects. This deck consists of a series of spells that focus on keeping control of the battlefield while also amassing great value. The commander chosen for this deck was none other than everyone’s favourite The Scarab God. While they don’t flicker cards, they do generate a lot of value for us with minimal mana investment. They help us accumulate value from the graveyard so that death isn’t final for our selection of… wonderful creatures. Let’s take a look at the list.

The Legend of Deadeye

Commander: (1)
Creatures: (30)
Spells (20)
1 Opt
Artifacts (12)
Lands (37)

Here we have a deck that’s pretty high on the curve, but also high on the value. It’s a touch slower, and a fair amount more greedy than your average list, but the value of flickering Sphinx of Uthuun for a Fact or Fiction a turn is just far too sweet to turn down. In the colour pair we have, one of the biggest struggles we have it the ability to repeat the effects we’re building this deck around. Let’s look at some of the enablers first.

The Enablers

Not a whole lot of cards for us to be able to flicker our board for the abilities printed on them but enough to keep our value trains on the rails. Most of the abilities in blue create copies of chosen creatures with the exceptions being Deadeye Navigator, Release to the Wind and the newly printed Thassa, Deep-Dwelling. We can run as many Quasiduplicate effects as we want to, but the recursive nature of Thassa, Deep-Dwelling and Conjurer's Closet are just where this deck wants to be. Not having to spend copious amounts of mana on your value and instead of being able to take advantage of the control elements of the deck or just building your board is where this deck shines. Especially with a commander that can Reanimate at instant speed!

The Card Draw

The deck is filled with card draw spells but these are some of the easiest to recur. The number of creatures with enter-the-battlefield effects saying “draw x cards” is how this deck will go on to generate the maximum amount of value. Being able to reanimate them with our commander or flicker/copy them with the rest of our spells is how we keep ahead. While several of these are pretty high on the mana curve, the lower end of the curve in the deck generally supports you to get there.

The Removal

Harbinger of the Tides is an excellent tempo play that can still have power when recurred. The rest stand as permanent removal. Agent of Treachery is the best kind of removal, because who better to have the big scary threats than you. You’ve just removed it from your opponent’s side of the board.

The Combos

Palinchron / Peregrine Drake + Deadeye Navigator for infinite mana

Naru Meha, Master Wizard + Ghostly Flicker for infinite mana or enter the battlefield effects

The first combo mentioned is a tried and true part of commander. Have a Deadeye Navigator soul bonded to either of those two creatures to create infinite mana. It costs two mana to flicker but you will generate an additional three per activation. If you wish to win with this combo (or the second combo) instantly, consider adding cards such as Blue Sun’s Zenith or Altar of the Brood to your list.

The second combo, on the other hand, is a trickier one. You have to cast Ghostly Flicker and then, while holding priority, cast Naru Meha, Master Wizard on top of the stack. On her enter the battlefield trigger, target Ghostly Flicker to copy. On the resolution of this ability, a new copy of Ghostly Flicker is placed on top of the stack. With that copy, you may target Naru Meha, Master Wizard and another target (land, artifact or creature). Upon resolution of the copied Ghostly Flicker, Naru Meha and the other target have reentered the battlefield causing any enter the battlefield triggers to go off. As a result, the stack currently holds the original copy of Ghostly Flicker at the bottom, with a Naru Meha, Master Wizard trigger on top of it, targeting the spell, and any other triggers that may have just occurred. This demonstrates a loop of infinite flickering which can result in infinite triggers of your best friend Agent of Treachery, or perhaps infinite mana since you can flicker a land after tapping it for mana every time. 

That’s it for today’s stipulation deck tech! What do you think of the list? Have you built a Scarab God list similar to this? What cards did I miss? What cards don’t belong here? Let me know, as I’d love to hear from you all. Until next time, may you always have turn one Sol Ring.