Daily Dose of Aether Revolt – Top 10 Uncommons for Prerelease


Welcome to more of week two of the Daily Dose of Aether Revolt where I’m talking about the cards that you need to be ready for come prerelease weekend. Yesterday I talked about 10 Commons that you’ll need to keep your eyes out for, but today I turn my attention to 10 powerful Uncommons that will shape your deck choice. I feel like the cards that you get and use in the Uncommon slot of each pack are some of the most impactful cards you use in your Limited deck. They could be powerful removal or soldid early to mid-game creatures that will show the path to victory. So here are 10 Uncommons from Aether Revolt that you should consider when building your 40-card deck at your local Aether Revolt prerelease.


Renegade Rallier – With so many cards that can trigger Revolt including a lot of cards that have casting cost 2 or less, this card screams value to me. I always want to try and find cards that are two for ones, and Renegade Rallier fits that bill. With a solid three power by itself, it can trade well and make sure that getting Revolt is not the be all end all of this card.


Treasure Keeper - Once again, we have another 2-for-1 value card with a Cascade like ability. Treasure Keeper has a solid 3/3 body, which means it will be able to trade well before getting you a replacement spell for free. Cascade was a very strong ability, and even though this is upon death and not casting of the card, it shouldn't make you hesitant about playing this card.


Gifted Aetherborn - This card has already been nicknamed Vampire Nighthawk lite. A 2/3 body on a two-casting cost creature is a great starting point. Adding on two powerful abilities will make it hard to deal with. It will be able to trade with any creature it comes against on the battlefield and should gain you 4-6 life along the way. Some evasion would be nice on this card, but it is replaced with the cheap casting cost of the creature. You want to be playing this on turn two before it can be overpowered. Even in the late game though, you will able to keep it as a threat to block because it can trade up if needed.


Winding Constrictor - Hardened Scales was one of my favourite cards when Khans of Tarkir was in Standard and I don't think Winding Constrictor will disappoint me either. I love the addition of players getting extra counters as well. This will allow you get to get more Energy for each Energy card you play. My mind is already racing with the possibilities for this card. There are a lot of cards in the Kaladesh Block that add +1/+1 counters including Rishkar, Peema Renegade which would net you a 4/5 and a 4/4 creature that tap for mana on turn three.


Fatal Push - One thing that Kaladesh was lacking was cheap removal spells. Yesterday, I talked about the return of Shock, and now Fatal Push gets added to that list. Fatal Push is one of the most pushed removal cards that we've seen in a while. Even without the Revolt trigger you will be able to remove a lot of creatures in the early game. As we are seeing, there will be a lot of cards and abilities that will allow you to trigger Revolt, making Fatal Push that much better.


Pacification Array - This card works on two levels. First off, there are so many cards that play into the artifacts matter theme, including all cards with Improvise, that having an early artifact on the battlefield is very useful. Unlike creatures with similar abilities in the past, being an artifact will make it harder to remove in general. Even at two mana per use, being able to tap down creatures is very powerful in a Limited format.


Vengeful Rebel - Another Revolt card makes the list as Vengeful Rebel is another great three drop creature that packs some major value. Wasteland Strangler from Battle for Zendikar that had a very similar ability and that was a Rare card! Having an early creature that can also act as a removal spell is the kind of two-for-one effect that you are looking for in your deck.


Rogue Refiner - As you can see, there is a bit of a theme to some of the powerful Uncommons from Aether Revolt. They have taken creatures in this set and added a lot of great triggers to them that is increasing the power level of the set. Rogue Refiner is nice in the fact that it replaces itself and provides you some extra Energy to use for some of your other Energy enablers.


Felidar Guardian – This is an uncommon that has caused a great stir in the Magic community this week since when it is paired with Saheeli Rai produces a two-card infinite combo. If you are lucky enough to pull both at a prerelease event, consider yourself fortunate. Even by itself though in the Limited format, this is a great card. There are so many cards in Aether Revolt and Kaladesh that have great “enter the battlefield” triggers that you will be able to repeat thanks to Felidar Guardian.


Perilous Predicament – I always have a place in my deck for a solid removal spell, and Perilous Predicament provides some nice two-for-one value. There will be many artifact creatures in everyone’s Limited decks at the prerelease, so don’t worry about this card not taking out two of your opponent’s targets. Bonus points for this removal spell for being an Instant.

Aether Revolt has so many great Uncommons that you could probably make a top 20 with all the cards. Which ones do you think you will be playing for sure this weekend? Thanks for reading more of the Daily Dose of Aether Revolt. Tomorrow, we shift gears and start to talk about decks for the upcoming Standard season. What decks will come to the forefront? I have one that I think will make an impact, and it includes a card seen on this list. Join me tomorrow for a Standard Deck Tech on the Daily Dose.

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