April 4, 2017

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Daily Dose of Amonkhet – Red/Black Aggro with Hazoret, the Fervent

Welcome to a new day in Amonkhet, which means we have some new preview cards to talk about including a certain God we’ve been looking forward to seeing. Today I want to talk to you about two cards that I believe will have an impact in an aggressive Standard format and a possible deck that could come from them. Playing an aggressive deck can be difficult if you don’t have all the right pieces to put it together, but with Amonkhet coming there are additions to the fray.

The first card I want to talk about is a one-drop red creature which plays into mechanics from previous blocks and mechanics from Amonkhet. This little guy could rack up some damage quickly. Here is Flameblade Adept.


This is a very interesting one-drop creature that will have the chance to rack up some damage quickly. First off, it has evasion in the form of Menace which will make it hard to block and get through for damage often. Secondly, it can increase its power by taking advantage of cards with cycling and when you discard cards. I find this ability very interesting as it combines the Cycling mechanic from Amonkhet and the discard mechanic of Madness from Shadows Over Innistrad. This allows you to play cards with either mechanic meaning you can diversify the spells you use in your deck. This could be the one-drop red creature that red players have been waiting for. I look forward to seeing what Cycling and/or discard spells are still to Amonkhet that could make this creature even better.

The next card I want to look at today is the first God we are introduced to from Amonkhet. Here is Hazoret, the Fervent.


I have been very excitedly awaiting the previews for the new God cards, and Hazoret, the Fervent does not disappoint. Let’s break down Hazoret, the Fervent in all its different abilities and stats. You start off by getting a 5/4 creature for four mana. A pretty solid start. Next, it gets indestructible and haste allowing it to get in for some quick damage, well maybe. We then see that it can only attack or block if you have one or less card in your hand. That is a drawback, but it can be worked around. Lastly, at any time, you can discard a card (Flameblade Adept cheers in the background) to deal 2 damage to each of your opponents. The last ability ensures that you can get down to the necessary cards in hand to be able to attack as well, so it fuels its own fire.

There is a lot of removal in the Standard format right now, but very few cards that can allow you to deal with an indestructible creature. Burn from Within, Ajani Unyielding, Angelic Purge and Declaration in Stone are some of the ways to exile a God. Oath of Liliana, Blessed Alliance and To the Slaughter will also provide ways to make a player sacrifice a God. Indestructible is a powerful ability which shouldn’t be overlooked and I believe that based on the other four Gods coming in Amonkhet, it could change which removal spells are played in the Standard format.

So, what could a deck with these two new powerful cards look like? Let’s have a look at a possible Red/Black Aggro deck utilizing the two new Amonkhet cards.

Cards like Key to the City, and Kari Zev’s Expertise will make it hard for your opponents to block any of your attacks. Insolent Neonate will give you ways to activate Madness on cards like Bloodhall Priest and Fiery Temper. Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Fling will give you that finishing touch to get those last points of damage through.

Hazoret, the Fervent is just the start of the God previews for Amonkhet, and I can’t wait to see what is still to come this week. What attributes are you hoping for in the other Gods? Thanks for joining me for another edition of the Daily Dose of Amonkhet and join me again tomorrow as I continue to preview cards in advance of the new set release on April 28th.