July 6, 2018

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Daily Dose of Core 2019 – Video – Deckbuilding with a Core 2019 Prerelease Kit

Welcome to a special video edition of the Daily Dose of Core 2019.

Today I’m going to be opening a prerelease kit and letting you my thoughts and processes on how I would a build a 40-card deck from those six packs of Core 2019. First, I’ll start off by laying out the contents of each pack, then I’ll show you my technique and process I use for every sealed event I play in when it comes to building a 40-card deck. I hope you enjoy it, here it is!

Would you have built a different 40-card deck with the packs I opened? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Core 2019 here at the end of prerelease week. I hope you all enjoy your prerelease at your local gaming store. Join me next week as I turn my attention to deckbuilding and some new deck brews thanks to the upcoming release of Core 2019.