June 2, 2016

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Daily Dose of Eternal Masters – Top 10 Commons to Draft!

Welcome all to more of the Daily Dose on Eternal Masters week! The excitement is growing as we get closer and closer to June 10th. Often when I play drafts, I’m excited to see what the rare/mythic card of the first pack I open is to see if it’s one that you want to build around. In Eternal Masters, a lot of the rare/mythics are going to be quite hard to play in drafts. I think a lot of the playability is going to focus on the commons and uncommons that you pick in your drafts.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about the uncommons, but today I’m going to focus on which common cards from Eternal Masters you should be picking up, maybe even in your first pick!

Playing anything more than two colours is going to be a challenge in this format, but if you want to either solidify that mana base or splash some extra colours, make sure you are grabbing these dual lands. They will be plentiful and you should expect to see a lot of them around the draft table.


This 1/1 Flyer can be played in any draft deck and is one of the rare mana-fixing cards that are in Eternal Masters. This will allow you to keep that mana flowing while making sure you don’t miss that needed colour.


This bear clicks off both the early game box (mana ramp), and the late game box (4/4 creature for two mana) All we need is back is the original flavour text and we'll all be happy.


This was one of my favourite cards back in the original Innistrad block. This allows you to cycle through your draft deck to find the cards you need to win. These four extra cards could make the difference!


This creature will allow you to get back your big bomb that you drafted pack one, pick one. If you draft this early, you have a good chance of getting more than one and achieve the dream of gravedigger cycling. You can than watch as your opponent nods their head in disbelief.


This 0/7 Wall is going to be very hard for your opponents to get by. There are only two ground creatures in all of Eternal Masters with power seven or greater (Maelstrom Wanderer and Silvos, Rogue Elemental. Chances are that nothing on the ground is going to do damage to you thanks to this 0/7 Wall. This will give you the time you need to get the cards or creatures you need to take over.


This two-mana shutdown card will allow you remove any major threat on the opposing side. It is great early, mid or late game, but I would save it for a creature that you know your deck will not be able to handle. Draft often and use wisely my friend.


Early on in the game this will be able to remove a small creature, but saved for a greater purpose, this removal spell will allow you to remove any creature on the board when played at the right time. Morbid is often very easy to activate and most often you will be getting great value for this card. Make sure you don’t pass this card up.


A 1/1 Flyer for two-mana. How about an army of Squadron Hawks at your command! If you can grab one of these early and often, there’s a good chance that others will not pick them up, as having one isn’t too great. This may allow you to accumulate on average three of them in the draft.


I can’t really say enough about Flashback cards, and Firebolt doesn’t disappoint. Early removal and late removal all in one. If you happen to draw this card late, you will be able to deal four damage at once in a flash.

Are there any other commons that you would like to see in your opening pack of Eternal Masters draft?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks again for reading more of the Daily Dose and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow as we approach one day closer to being able to draft this awesome set.