September 7, 2021

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Daily Dose of Innistrad Midnight Hunt #4 – Flashback to Multicolour

Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Today I’ll be talking about the return of the fan favourite mechanic, Flashback. Flashback allows you to recast a spell from your graveyard for an alternate Flashback cost and exiling the spell afterwards. Often these costs are higher than their original casting cost, but not always. What’s unique and new to Midnight Hunt is that for the first time, there will be multicolour Flashback cards. We've seen White cards with Black mana Flashback costs like Lingering Souls, but never multicolour Flashback cards. What this allows is for these multicolour Flashback cards to be pushed in power level, making for some exciting design space.

First up is a copy spell for only three mana, but with a twist. Here is Croaking Counterpart.

Croaking Counterpart

Having a three-mana copy spell usually involves a drawback of not being able to copy your opponents’ creatures. Croaking Counterpart doesn’t have that restriction but does have a potential drawback. The copy you are making enters as a copy of the card but turns into a 1/1 Frog instead of its actual stats. To get the most value out of this card though, you will want to copy a creature with an upside. This means a creature that either has:

- A great enter the battlefield ability
- An impactful dying trigger
- A great triggered or activated ability that you can use throughout the game

The 1/1 stats won’t be the star of this card, but if you can get some value out of the creatures’ extras, then this card will become more valuable. It’s a neat addition that you can’t copy your original copy with its Flashback cost as it’s a Frog, but if the original copy target is still on the battlefield you can copy it again.

Next up is an Azorius’s take version of a popular Red card. Here is Faithful Mending.

Faithful Mending

This two-mana Faithless Looting not only helps you fill your graveyard with more Flashback spells but draws you four cards and gains you four life along the way. The main drawback of this card is that it's limited to being in Azorius coloured decks, but its main upside is that you can cast it at instant speed. This allows you to potentially hold back your mana for other instant spells like counterspells if needed during your opponents’ turn.

I’m always a fan of cheap reanimation spells and this next card does just that. Here is Can’t Stay Away.

Can't Stay Away

A two-mana reanimation spell can be valuable if played in the right deck. Finding ways to fill your graveyard through other spells will help you find some targets to bring back. This will also provide some value if milled into your graveyard, although later in the game for its five-mana Flashback cost. The target you choose to reanimate will exile itself if it dies again, but that’s a small drawback to pay for this spell.

Finally, if you like copying spells, then Galvanic Iteration will help you do just that.

Galvanic Iteration

If you ever wanted to dust off all the Magecraft cards from Strixhaven, now is the time. Casting Galvanic Iteration plus the spell you cast to copy will net you a total of three Magecraft triggers. If copying once isn’t enough, it’s only got a Flashback cost of three to cast it again and copy something else. There have been plenty of two-mana copy spells, which can be great in the right deck, but the added value of its Flashback cost is what makes this card a rare. We'll have to see if some good one and two-mana value instants or sorceries pop up in Midnight Hunt.

As you can see, there are plenty of nice multicolour Flashback cards from all different colours to satisfy the deck building curiosities of all players. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose and join me again tomorrow as I continue digging deeper into the night.