Daily Dose of Kaldheim #5 – 5-Colour Green with the World Tree


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Kaldheim where today I’ll be talking about one of the coolest sub-themes in Kaldheim, 5-colour mastery. That’s right, today I have a trio of green cards (one is a land that produces green, close enough) that are also all associated in some way with a 5-colour spell or ability. This is all part of the 10 realms of Kaldheim centering around the World Tree. You might think a 5-colour deck especially in Standard might be hard, but with 5 Triomes and 10 Pathways now in the Standard mana pool, it could be easier than it looks. I’ve always enjoyed trying to make 5-colour decks works with recent cards like Sanctum of All and Niv-Mizzet Reborn. Both are powerful cards and later we will see another 5-coloured spell that’s quite powerful.

First off, I want to talk about one of the best lands for a 5-colour deck, here is The World Tree.

The World Tree

This amazing land has 4 parts to it that affect the value of this card, so let’s break it down. First off it enters the battlefield tapped, which is never ideal for any land you want to have in your deck, so this is the biggest setback for this land. Since the land isn’t Legendary, you will often want to play 4 of these lands, so having multiple enter the battlefield tapped lands could be troublesome. Next up, it produces green mana. This is fine, it works well with the 5-colour Green theme as green will need to be the main colour for spells in your 5-colour deck. Think of it as green splashing 4-colours, although you could make a deck with 1 or 2 sub-colours to focus on as well. The next ability is why this land is so powerful. Once you control 6 or more lands, all your lands now become 5-colour gold. That’s right, even Fabled Passage can be tapped for any colour of mana. The World Tree will be the card that makes it possible to run 5-colour decks more easily for upcoming Standard. Finally, you have basically the “ultimate” ability of the land which requires you have 10 mana of 5 different colours on top of The World Tree itself. Depending on your deck composition and the number of God creatures you have in your deck, you might never want to sacrifice The World Tree. Deck builds could include an all-God theme or The World Tree could be in your deck for the sole purpose of fixing your mana for your multicolour deck. Either way, this last ability is a bonus and not what you depend on for the land.

Next up is an enchantment that will help you get all 5 colours of mana you need. Here is Path to the World Tree.

Path of the World Tree

Being that the goal of this deck is to play 5-colours, until you can get The World Tree online with 6 lands you might need some different colour lands to play with. Although Path to the World Tree doesn’t help you ramp, it does allow you to fix your mana in the early game. It will probably help with a major secondary colour in your deck as chances are you won’t have slots for all 5 five basic lands in your deck. After that it sits on your battlefield waiting to be activated for what I call the 5-star value train. A little bit of everything from every colour to get you some value back with the card. I don’t think this works as a 4-of in a 5-colour deck, but 1 or 2 could help you in fixing your mana and providing some late game value.
Finally, here is a Modal Double-Faced Card that will be in the center of the upcoming 5-colour green deck. Here is Esika, God of the Tree // The Prismatic Bridge.

Esika, God of the Tree // The Prismatic Bridge

This is the card that you want to build around for a 5-colour Standard deck. More specifically The Prismatic Bridge. Once you have this on the battlefield, each upkeep you will be guaranteed to get a permanent on the battlefield and still have your full turn to play as normal. This will be an unrelenting threat that your opponent must deal with or die a painful death. Obviously 5-colour cards are meant to be powerful and this is no exception. The great part about this card is that in the early game it also gives you an option to get your 5 colours of mana needed in the form of the front half of this card, Esika, God of the Tree. This allows you to possibly get The Prismatic Bridge out on turn four which would be the best thing you could ask for. What it also does is provide you a ton of ramp if your deck is full of Legendary creatures which all turn into Vigilance mana rocks. This still allows your Legendary creatures to attack and tap for mana in the second main phase. I’m looking forward to, as I’m sure many players are, to build a deck around this card and let the 5-colour fun begin!

With these 3 cards, I think a 5-colour green deck full of Gods is ready to wreak havoc on Standard. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Kaldheim. Join me again tomorrow as week two of preview season continues here on the Daily Dose.

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