July 20, 2015

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Daily Dose of Magic Origins: In the Company of Super-Friends

Welcome all to another edition of the Daily Dose of Magic Origins! Yesterday we were talking about some major damage done by red spells to your opponent. Today we are talking about some major creature damage! Today’s deck is inspired by Collected Company and the new DFCs from Sultai. Jace, Liliana, and Nissa are ready to hang out and have a party amongst friends. Let’s check out the decklist for Sultai Super-Friends!

The goal in this deck is to have a lot of creatures that are either DFCs or have enter the battlefield abilities that can take advantage of Collected Company, especially at instant speed. Let’s take a look at the creature set for this deck.

Reclamation Sage – Always nice to be able to remove your opponents Courser of Kruphix or an artifact at instant speed. Gives you options in case you need it.

Courser of Kruphix – This provides a nice 4 toughness blocker in a pinch and then during your turn it will start gaining you some life and card advantage. Courser combined with Nissa Planeswalker mode is quite nice as well!

Satyr Wayfinder – Satyr Wayfinder is quite key to this deck in multiple ways. Combined with Jace, it allows for instant Jace flip on your turn. Bringing it into play with Liliana means an instant flip for Liliana as you block with Satyr, and it will also fill your graveyard with creatures to allow for some nice targets for Liliana as well. Constantly getting lands with Satyr will also allow you to get to 7 lands most times on turn 7 with Nissa. It’s also a nice target for Evolutionary Leap, as it’s done its job by getting you a land and putting creatures in your graveyard. If you happen to put a Collected Company in the graveyard, that’s okay too, as you can play it again with Jace planeswalker!

Elvish Mystic – This will allow you to play a lot of your 3-drop creatures on turn 2 (which you have a lot of), and will also allow you to play Collected Company one turn earlier as well. They are also a sweet target later on for Evolutionary Leap, as you might not need the mana after turn 3 or 4.

Hornet Nest – This is a key defensive card which can provide a lot of creatures when combined with an instant Collected company. Bringing in this with a Liliana and blocking with Hornet Nest is another dream combination of creatures that you can get from Collected Company. All of the 1/1 tokens are also nice targets for Evolutionary Leap.

Rattleclaw Mystic - Here is another ramp creature that will allow you to hit your Collected Company on turn 3 as well is a Morph flip needed to bring back Deathmist Raptor from your graveyard.

Den Protector – Since you will be putting a lot of cards into your graveyard thanks for Satyr Wayfinder, this will allow you to get back a key card that you would need to help you in the match. This also is a Morph creature that can be used to get back Deathmist Raptor as well.

Nissa, Vastwood Seer – When transformed this card is a huge source of card advantage and as noted above, you will be hitting a lot of your land drops thanks to Satyr Wayfinder.

Fleshbag Marauder – Having this come into play instantly with a Collected Company could mean an instant kill spell, and you also have lots of creatures that you can sacrifice such as Elvish Mystic’s and Satyr Wayfinder on your side of the sacrifice.

Liliana, Heretical Healer – This is a card that with an instant Collected Company becomes very easy to transform. Also transforms quite well with Evolutionary Leap as well. This will get you a 2/2 Zombie as well as you will have lots of targets that you can get back with her second Planeswalker ability. Neat trick of having 2 Liliana creatures on board is that one will make you sacrifice the other, which will trigger its transformation ability.

Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy – Another powerful new DFC Planeswalker from Magic Origins, when combined with Satyr Wayfinder can usually flip upon first creature activation. You than a lot of times will be able to use its planeswalker ability to cast Collected Company an additional time which allow for even more shenanigans on the board.

Deathmist Raptor – This is a nice blocker to have to kill everything on board and with the ability to bring it back over and over again thanks to your Morph creatures, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. You will also have a chance to get some of these in your graveyard thanks to Satyr Wayfinder.

Thanks for reading another edition of the Daily Dose of Magic Origins and I look forward to seeing you again next set for more Daily Doses!