January 13, 2020

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Daily Dose of Theros Beyond Death #18 - Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited

Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Theros Beyond Death and the beginning of prerelease week! This week I’ll be having five articles to help you prepare for your local Theros Beyond Death prerelease weekend. Today I’m going to be focusing on the cards you see the most in your booster packs, commons. I think that in each set the commons are often overlooked due to their lack of power in Constructed play. In Limited play though their value increases due to the limited size of your card pool. You must re-evaluate each of the commons as you will need to play many them in your deck. Theros Beyond Death wants you to play mono-coloured decks because of devotion cards, but that seems unlikely. You will need some stronger commons to help you fill your Limited decks.

Here are some of the best commons from Theros Beyond Death for prerelease weekend!

Daybreak Chimera – There’s a good chance that you will be able to play this for 3 mana or less, and possibly as early as turn three. Not bad for a 3/3 Flying creature.

Dreadful Apathy – We have seen this type of card in almost every set, but this comes with a bonus of being able to exile the creature if needed for a little extra mana.

Heliod’s Pilgrim – Any time that you can have a creature that can replace itself, you are getting some value. You can than use that Aura on Heliod’s Pilgrim or another creature you have.

Karametra’s Blessing – I am always a fan of 1-mana combat tricks. They often surprise your opponent and allows you to trade up or straight out remove one of their creatures. If played on the right creature, your creature isn’t going anywhere either.

Omen of the Sun – This enchantment is basically a combat trick allowing you to get 2 power worth of creatures onto the battlefield while gaining some life. The bonus comes in the permanent on the battlefield with could synergize with some devotion cards.

Revoke Existence – This is a main deck playable card with the number of crazy enchantments and Gods that you will see in every Theros Beyond Death Limited deck you play against.

Sentinel’s Eyes – The usual problem with Auras is that with any removal, you are losing 2 cards for the price of one. Thank to its Escape casting cost, Sentinel’s Eyes takes care of that problem.

Deny the Divine – A great way to counter a spell and make sure that they can’t cast it with any Escape mana costs as well.

Ichthyomorphosis – This is closest thing to a blue removal spell that you are going to get. It will also add another blue permanent to the battlefield.

Omen of the Sea – This card not only draws you a card, but allows you to scry 2 twice! When in doubt, leave this enchantment on the battlefield.

Starlit Mantle – This is one of the best Auras in the set. It acts as a counterspell against removal and stays on as a permanent combat boost.

Stern Dismissal – This is the Unsummon with an uptick that we’ve been waiting for. This will able to hit so many targets in this set.

Aspect of Lamprey – In Limited play, adding lifelink to a creature can be one of the strongest ways to turn the tide in your favour. Throw in some card disadvantage for your opponent and you are on your way to victory.

Final Death – There will be a point when you are facing down a God from your opponent and this spell will be the only one that will save you from certain destruction.

Funeral Rites – I call this card the black Thought Scour. It gives you double the value by adding cards to your graveyard for future use!

Pharika’s Liberation – This sacrificial removal card gives you the option of targeting creatures or enchantments. If could be used to specifically target an enchantment creature if they only have 1 of them on the battlefield.

Aspect of Manticore – Another pump spell masked as an enchantment. This will surprise your opponent without a doubt during combat.

Infuriate – Being able to add 3 power (and even 2 toughness) for only 1 mana will turn out well for you as your opponent won’t see it coming.

Omen of the ForgeShock but with having an upside of being a permanent and adding a chance to Scry 2 later if needed.

Wrap in Flames – The point of this card is often not to destroy a creature (although if it happens great), but to make sure your opponents’ creatures can’t block allowing you to deliver a lethal attack.

Ilysian Caryatid – Even though there will be plenty of mono-coloured decks going around, ramp and mana fixing of any kind is always appreciated.

Moss Viper – Simple creature that can trade up against anything attacking on the ground.

Nylea’s Forerunner – Even a 5/3 Trample for four mana is solid, but being able to give all your other creatures Trample will force your opponent to change the way they are blocking your creatures.

Relentless Pursuit – Known now as the Green Divination, this is a great way to fill your hand and fill your graveyard.

Return to Nature – Although a sideboard card in most other Limited formats, in Theros Beyond Death this becomes a main deck must thanks to the Escape mechanic and the number of enchantments flying around.

Traveler’s Amulet – Most Limited decks could always use a little bit of mana fixing. This will help you get the land you need for those multi-coloured decks.

I hope that this list of common cards can help you build your Limited decks. Remember that solid commons can win you the game if you pick the right ones. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Theros Beyond Death. Join me again tomorrow as I look at the best uncommons for Theros Beyond Death Limited play.