Daily Dose of Theros Beyond Death #5 – Enchantments Matter


Welcome all to another edition of the Daily Dose of Theros Beyond Death. Theros has always been about enchantments, and Theros Beyond Death continues that trend. We'll be getting more Sagas, enchantment creatures and a ton more enchantments for you to play with. Today I’m going to be talking about what is currently in Standard that give you advantages for playing enchantments and what is available to help you deal with the slew of enchantment decks you will be seeing in the coming months.

Theros Beyond Death has so many enchantments that sorcery speed removal spells have been replaced with removal Auras. Look at Mire’s Grasp.

Mire's Grasp

This is a very simple removal card, but one that can deal with most early threats. This could have easily been a sorcery that gave a creature -3/-3 for two mana. But as an Aura, you get the bonus of permanently shrinking down a larger creature a well.

What is there in Standard though that is going to take advantage of all these wonderful enchantments? Let’s have a look at the best of what’s currently available.

Alela, Artful Provocateur

Alela, Artful Provocateur - This Brawl Deck exclusive card just got a little bit better thanks to a set full of enchantments that will able to provide enchantment removal to add to the mix. I expect to see a deck centered around this card soon after release.

All That Glitters

All that Glitters – When all your permanents are also enchantments, including your creatures, this will provide way more than a simple +1/+1 buff to your creature. This could get out of hand quite quickly.

Arcanist's Owl

Arcanist’s Owl – With a deck full of enchantments, you are sure to get a hit with this creature to help refill your hand with another enchantment. A 3/3 Flying creature is not too bad either.

Dance of the Manse

Dance of the Manse – Imagine being able to bring back all your enchantment creatures from your graveyard with one spell. How about making them all 4/4 creatures to boot. Yes please!


Mirrormade – With so many new targets, Mirrormade grows in value as it can copy creatures and Sagas as well.

Rampage of the Clans

Rampage of the Clans – This is an instant speed way to turn all your enchantments on the battlefield into 3/3 creatures and attack your opponent the next turn for a quick kill.

Starfield Mystic

Starfield Mystic – A great creature that can not only help you cast all your enchantments, but it grows larger whenever any of them go to the graveyard.

The question now turns to what do you do if you are playing against a deck full of enchantments? Are there answers in Standard to help you out? Theros Beyond Death adds some cards to help you with that including the return of Revoke Existence.

Revoke Existence

This two-mana removal spell is what is needed to counter the slew of enchantments that players are about to see. Because it can exile enchantments as well, it can help deal with God-like threats from Theros Beyond Death. Don’t worry though, that isn’t the only tool in your toolbox in Standard to help you deal with pesky enchantments. Here are some of the best options out there for you.

Assassin's Trophy

Assassin’s Trophy – A great remove all spell that gains even more value with powerful cards from all card types being played in decks.

Conclave Tribunal

Conclave Tribunal – Still one of the best all-our removal cards in the format, and yes it can take care of all those pesky enchantments as well.


Despark – This two-mana removal spell gets a little bit better if there are Gods running around Theros again.

Return to Nature

Return to Nature – A great cheap way to deal with enchantments. With the ability to hit other permanents and cards in graveyards, could start seeing some main deck play.


Cindervines – A great way to get in some extra damage against your opponent, while still being able to kill their enchantments.

Knight of Autumn

Knight of Autumn – This versatile creature just got even better if that’s possible now with the increase of enchantments lying around.


Mortify – Killing creatures was already making this a strong removal spell, but adding in a larger presence of enchantments in decks will give it more targets to hit.

Steelbane Hydra

Steelbane Hydra – This Brawl deck exclusive card could be the threat green needs to have some repeatable enchantment removal. Thrashing Brontodon can deal with 1, but this can deal with multiple enchantments.

As you can see there are plenty of cards already in Standard that can both help you build and help you deal with enchantment decks. The key is figuring out which ones to use! Thanks again for reading another edition of the Daily Dose of Theros Beyond Death. Join me again next week as we start to see some more new preview cards!

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