September 14, 2020

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Daily Dose of Zendikar Rising #11 – Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited

Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Zendikar Rising. This week I’ll be posting some articles to help you prepare for Zendikar Rising Prerelease, whether it be at the store or at home. Today I’m going to be focusing on the cards you see the most in your booster packs, commons. Zendikar Rising looks to be a slower format, which means that commons with higher casting costs could start to see some play in Limited. Most of all though, what you’re looking for in commons is either a great creature or a card that can provide you some value through removal or card advantage.

Here are some of the best commons from Zendikar Rising that you will want to be looking out for when building your first Sealed deck for Prerelease.


Nahiri’s Binding – This shuts down any threat, including a planeswalker! Usually, this is limited to creatures so it’s a great upgrade I’m willing to pay one more mana for.

Prowling Felidar – Do not sleep on any creature that can repeatedly put +1/+1 counters on itself. This Vigilance creature will start to grow throughout the rest of the game making your lands more valuable as it both attacks and blocks your way to victory.

Tazeem Raptor – You start off with a solid 2/2 Flying creature but the main value of this creature is being able to bring back one of your Modal DFC lands later in the game. This basically allows you to pick up your best one and be able to cast it.


Bubble Snare – Sometimes in the early game you will have to take a hit from a creature before being able to use it on a tapped creature but for only one mana it's worth it. Later in the game, you can spend four mana to lock down any creature.

Into the Roil – This is one of the best tempo cards in the set and can bounce any nonland permanent, not just creatures. If you have the mana it can even replace itself.


Deadly Alliance – Anytime you can have an instant removal that can hit both creatures and planeswalkers, you put it in your deck. Even if you have to cast it for five mana it will be worth it, but most times you will cast it for three or four mana.

Feed the Swarm – Yes this will cause you a bit of pain in the form of life loss, but Black targeted enchantment removal just doesn’t exist. For two mana this card is worth the sacrifice of life in most circumstances.

Malakir Blood-Priest – This is a cheap two-power creature that can drain your opponent for a minimum of one life, but most often will be two-three life. This Cleric is ready to join your party!

Subtle Strike – This card doesn’t seem great at first, but there are times where if used in the right combat situation will result in a two-for-one removal spell. Just even the chance of that makes this a great combat trick to have in your deck.


Akoum Hellhound – This will attack for two damage almost every turn and only costs you one mana. It’s not really a great blocker but will be great in an aggressive deck.

Pyrostatic Hellion – This gives you a relatively large creature and the ability to return a Modal DFC land back to your hand so you can cast it as a spell. Did I mention that it hits your opponent for two mana to boot?

Roil Eruption – The great thing about this card is that it can hit any target. Late in the game being able to hit your opponent straight to the face for five damage could win you the game. It’s a very versatile card to have for removal.

Scavenged Blade – Adding two power onto an Equipment is strong, especially since it attaches right away. It’s got a reasonable equip cost to keep powering up your creatures for the rest of the game.


Adventure Awaits – The issue with similar cards to this is when you whiff and end up with no cards. This will ensure you will always get something from casting this spell.

Kazandu Stomper – We have seen a couple of creatures that can return Modal DFC lands to your hand, but this goes one step further and allows you to return two lands to your hand.

Scale the Heights – This card just screams value. It has 4 different value points with a +1/+1 counter, gaining 2 life, playing an additional land and drawing a card. Not bad for a 3-mana common.

Territorial Scythecat – This cheap trample creature can start to grow throughout the game thanks to Landfall, and be ready to attack for some major damage later in the game.


Stonework Packbeast – I loved Prismite in past sets and this is even better. Being able to be a part of your Party makes this the perfect companion.

I hope that this list of common cards can help you navigate the tough deck choices needed for Prerelease and Limited play. Remember that winning a game of Limited starts with the cards you will see the most often, the commons. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Zendikar Rising. Join me again tomorrow as I continue Prerelease week with my look at the best uncommons for Zendikar Rising Prerelease and Limited play.