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We're back today with a deck tech for a 100-card Historic Brawl deck featuring Arcades, the Strategist. Arcades, the Strategist is a Legendary creature that focuses on providing value to creatures with Defender. This Elder Dragon draws you cards just for playing dorky defenders like Consulate Skygate, Excavated Wall, and Wall of Mist. Once you have an army of Defenders on the battlefield, these dorky defenders become real threats to our opponent, dealing damage way above the curve of regular creatures. There are also other high toughness non-Defender creatures in the deck like Aegis Turtle, Charix, the Raging Isle, and Giant Ox, as well as a few cards that let them attack, like Assault Formation, High Alert, and Huatli, the Sun's Heart. It's time to turn these Defenders into some attackers!

100-Card Historic Brawl - Arcades, the Strategist

Commander (1)
Creatures (50)
Spells (12)
Enchantments (4)
Artifacts (1)
Planeswalkers (2)
Lands (30)

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