Daily Dose of Core Set 2020 #11 – Top Commons for Prerelease and Limited


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Core Set 2020 and the beginning of prerelease week! This week I’ll be having five articles to help you prepare for the Core Set 2020 prerelease weekend! Today I’m going to be focusing on those 10 cards in your pack that most players overlook but could be the key to your success at prerelease: the commons! Remember that when you are building your deck, including your promos you will have between 7-9 rares/mythics to choose from, with most of them being in different colour combinations. You’ll also have 18 uncommons to choose from as well. Unless you are playing 5-colours, you most likely will need some strong commons to help you to victory, and you will have about 60 of them to choose from. Here are some of the best commons from Core Set 2020 that you will want to be playing in your prerelease deck!

Dawning Angel – Great value from a common card as you get a 3/2 Flying creature and gain 4 life. There are a few cards that give you bonuses for gaining life as well.

Moment of Heroism – This card would be playable if it just gave the combat bonus, but giving it lifelink makes it a better combat trick that can turn the tides in a game.

Pacifism – One of the best removal cards in the entire format for Limited. It will shut down any major threat. Just remember though that it doesn’t shut off triggered or activated abilities.

Befuddle – It’s the perfect card to use during combat to win a one-on-one battle. Check that out, it also replaces itself, so you aren’t down a card.

Boreal Elemental – A strong 3/4 Flying creature that is harder for your opponent to remove from the battlefield. It’s also an Elemental which helps with certain synergies.

Frost Lynx – Being able to tap down a potential blocker for 2 combat steps will allow you to get in for some serious damage. It can also help you stop an attacker from killing you by tapping it down for a turn.

Winged Words – There are plenty of flying creatures that you can have that can take advantage of this cost reduction and draw you two cards for only two mana.

Epicure of Blood – To start off you get a strong 4/4 body which is great in Limited. Its triggered ability will go off more than you think with plenty of spells in the set that can help you gain life.

Fathom Fleet Cutthroat – This is a great way to finish off a larger threat after you have attacked and done it some damage. Great way to get value out of your smaller creatures.

Murder – Simply the best removal spell in the format. Instant speed and cheap, you can’t ask for much more in a removal spell.

Soul Salvage – Anytime you can find a spell that will help you win the resources race; you want to have it in your deck. Getting back two creatures of your choice from your graveyard later in the game can be the difference maker in the game.

Chandra’s Outrage – Four damage to a creature for four mana is a cost you’ll pay every time. Throw in a bonus of 2 damage to its controller and you’re laughing.

Infuriate – I call this the red Giant Growth as it adds a massive three power to a creature for only one mana. Similar spells like Titan’s Strength and Reckless Charge add a smaller toughness boost than Infuriate’s +2 to toughness.

Reduce to Ashes – Just a strong creature removal spell for red to use. It only has one red mana in its casting cost making it easier to splash in different decks as well.

Ripscale Predator – Sometimes the path to victory is just a large ground creature. Ripscale Predator comes in at a 6/5, but also adds evasion in the form of Menace.

Feral Invocation – A tricky combat trick that will end up a permanent boost to the creature you enchant.

Rabid Bite – Unlike fight cards, this spell will make sure you remove a threat while getting to keep your creature as well.

Marauder’s Axe – A permanent way to add power to any creature allows you to get in for more damage and use your smaller creatures to trade up during combat.

Prismite – One of the best cards in the set to help you fix your mana if you are playing multiple colours in your deck. Since it is so cheap, it often gets in for a few points of damage as well.

Evolving Wilds – There aren’t a lot of ways to fix your mana in this set, so Evolving Wilds shines, allowing you to make sure you hit the right lands for your deck.

You now have a small list of some of the best commons you want to be using in your Limited deck for Core Set 2020. This is only part of the battle for Limited Deck Building. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose and join me tomorrow as I continue prerelease week with my look at the best uncommons for Core Set 2020 Limited.

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