Daily Dose of Core Set 2020 #14 – Limited Deck Archetypes


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Core Set 2020, where today I’ll be talking about a few of the Limited deck archetypes that you can try and draft and build in your next Limited tournament. Prerelease is coming up this weekend and everyone will be starting at zero, just learning the new cards they are about to open. If you want to be prepared for what to do with your sealed pool, I wanted to talk about a few of the Limited deck archetypes you want to look for as possible options for building your deck. When it comes to draft, it’s a little easier to build and draft towards one of these decks, but in Sealed it’s good to have options based on what you happen to open in your six packs. Being able to identify cards that work well together can help you decide what deck to build and play.

White/Blue Flying

There are a ton of flying creatures in white and blue in Core Set 2020. There is enough that your opponent is going to have trouble dealing with all this evasion you have with your creatures. One of the best cards you can get to work with all these creatures with evasion is and Equipment you can get in your deck. It will also help your smaller stat flying creatures trade up to a larger ground creature if needed when blocking. Here are some key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

Empyrean Eagle will make sure that all your other flying creatures get a significant boost, making each subsequent one played, that much better. Herald of the Sun is a large flying creature itself, but it can also take any extra mana you have and pump up your creatures. Cloudkin Seer will help you refill your hand and hopefully get more creatures to cast. Spectral Sailor is another key card for this deck, as it can get in some early damage and help refill your hand later in the game. Warden of Evos Isle will help all your future flying creatures be cast for less. Winged Words is like previous cards I’ve mentioned in the fact that it can be refill your hand and provide card advantage.

Simic Elementals

The key to this deck archetype is that you can use any combination of red, blue and green to make your deck. You don’t need to play all three colors to be successful, and most of the time it will be better to focus on just two of the colours when building your deck. Most of the Elementals are in Red and Green, but there are some good ones and multicolour ones using blue. The Elemental decks seem to have the most synergy between the cards, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get some cards that work together well. Here are some key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

Chandra’s Embercat will help you ramp into some of the higher casting cost Elementals in your deck. It’s also a 2/2 for two mana which isn’t too bad either. Scampering Scorcher allows you to get 3 Elementals onto the battlefield, which will help synergize with other spells. I don’t usually talk about rares that you can get, but Thunderkin Awakener can unlock so many synergies if you are able to get it. As you can see it works well with Scampering Scorcher. Overgrown Elemental is a team player, giving you value when it enters and when it dies. Creeping Trailblazer provides an Elemental lord that can also get large itself. Risen Reef is an amazing card that will provide value for itself and all other Elementals for the rest of the game.

Black White Drain and Gain

There are plenty of black spells in Core Set 2020 that take advantage when you gain life and when you lose life. Luckily enough there are spells that also help you gain and lose life in both white and black to help you build this deck. Hopefully you can get some of the payoff cards needed to make this deck great. Here are some key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

All the common life gain tapped lands like Scoured Barrens will be key to helping you play two colours as well as an extra way to gain some life to trigger abilities on your cards. Angel of Vitality not only provides extra life gain, but can also become a 4/4 Flying creature for only three mana. If you get any creatures with lifelink like Daybreak Chaplain it will help synergize with your other cards. Soulmender is a cheap and repetitive way to gain life each turn. Corpse Knight is a great two-drop that will continuously drain your opponent of 1 life. Agonizing Syphon is a great spell to kill any target or just drain your opponent for 3 life. One of the best creatures for this deck is Bloodthirsty Aerialist. With a lot of ways to gain life, this creature can get big in a hurry. Epicure of Blood is a creature that can help your opponent lose life each time you gain life.

Hopefully this will give you some options and insight into some possible deck archetypes for Core Set 2020 Limited. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Core Set 2020. We have hit the end of this preview season for the Daily Dose. Energy and time now change to deckbuilding in the new Standard set. Join me in the coming weeks as I brew some new decks and play some drafts and Sealed events.

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