Daily Dose of Core Set 2021 #10 – Top Commons for Limited


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Core Set 2021. This week there'll be some articles to help you prepare for Limited play with the new set. Today I’m going to be focusing on the cards you see the most in your booster packs, commons. There are plenty of deck archetypes to choose from in Core Set 2021 and knowing the best commons in the entire set will help you along the way. There isn't a strong multi-coloured theme in Core Set 2021, so you'll have to choose the best commons from each colour.

Here are some of the best commons from Core Set 2021 that you will want to be playing with your first chance at Limited play.


Basri’s Acolyte – Adding four power onto the battlefield for four mana as well as having lifelink itself, makes this a must have for white decks.

Feat of Resistance – This is one of the best combat tricks in the set, as it helps your creature grow while acting as a counterspell against removal spells. It can also help your creature survive combat.

Secure the Scene – Giving your opponent a 1/1 Solider token in exchange for exiling any long permanent is great value. Great way to deal with those non-creatures threats that other removal spells might miss.

Swift Response – Without a ton of vigilance in the set, this should act as a removal spell against any attacking or has already attacked creature.


Capture Sphere – This reprint is welcome in any set and provides Blue a way to deal with any larger threats by tapping it down at instant speed.

Library Larcenist – If you can find a way for this to survive each combat, you can really start to gain some card advantage. The value over similar cards is that it doesn’t need to deal damage to draw a card, it just needs to attack.

Rousing Read – Giving a large ground creature +1/+1 and Flying can often win you Limited games on the spot. On top of that you gain some card selection/value when it enters the battlefield.


Alchemist’s Gift – This one mana combat trick will surprise some opponents. In a pinch, if you don’t want to use it as a pseudo-removal spell, you can instead use it to gain some life.

Finishing Blow – Any time you have an instant speed creature removal spell, you want to be playing it in Limited. The fact that in the rare case its needed, it can target a planeswalker, makes it that much more valuable.

Grasp of Darkness – This instant removal will handle most creatures if not weaken a larger threat down to a reasonable size.

Skeleton Archer – This sneaky little creature is often used to ping off a small threat or provide that last point of damage after combat against a larger threat. If needed you can ping your opponent for one as well.


Pitchburn Devil – This reprint common makes it hard for your opponent to deal with it as it can often take down a creature with its 3 damage. Even blocking it is a tough thing to do knowing you'd still take three.

Scorching Dragonfire – A great cheap reprint to deal with creatures and planeswalkers. Being able to exile them helps with a few way to return or reanimate creatures back from your graveyard.

Spellgorger Weird – This creature can surprise and overwhelm your opponent without them realizing it. Using removal spells with this creature can lead to increasing damage each turn.


Hunter’s Edge – This is a classic green removal spell that adds on a nice +1/+1 counter onto your creature for future turns.

Llanowar Visionary – This combination of Llanowar Elves and Elvish Visionary replaces itself and allows you to ramp into your larger spells.

Ranger’s Guile – One of the best combat tricks in the set can either save your creature from a removal spell or grow it larger than your opponents’ creature.


Prismite – Even though there will be focused on single colours, most decks will be two-to-three colours in Limited. This will help you make sure you get the coloured mana you need.

I hope that this list of common cards can help you navigate the tough deck choices needed for Limited play. Remember that winning a game of Limited starts with the cards you will see the most of, the commons. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Core Set 2021. Join me again tomorrow as I continue Limited week with my look at the best uncommons for Core Set 2021.

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