Daily Dose of Core Set 2021 #8 – Going to the Air


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Core Set 2021. Today I’m heading in for an aerial attack thanks to the new set. Flying creatures have always been an important part of Magic and is considered one of the best evasion mechanics in the game. There has been the framework for an Azorius Flying deck in Standard for the past few Standard seasons, but nothing has really stuck. With a few new cards from Core Set 2021 that could change. Having a deck full of creatures that most decks just can’t block can be the aggressive strategy needed to win some games against those midrange and control decks.

First off is a multicoloured card looking to help you cast all your other Flying creatures. Here is Watcher of the Spheres.

Watcher of the Spheres

First off, I would play a 2/2 Flying creature in any Limited deck for sure. This is a strong uncommon to start with. Thanks to both of its abilities, the following turn you can 1-2 more flying creatures and pump up Watcher of the Spheres to get in for four damage. This can continue throughout the game and might put an amazingly fast clock on your opponent. There is a lot of potential value put into this two-drop creature and looks to be a great fit for an Azorius flying deck.

Next is a flying creature with a potential low casting cost that can grow with each noncreature spell you cast. Here is Stormwing Entity.

Stormwing Entity

Like Watcher of the Spheres, this blue flier has a lot of text to work through. If you must cast this as a 3/3 flyer f0r five mana, it becomes more of an uncommon than a rare card. If you cast an instant or sorcery like Opt, you can cast it on turn three instead of turn five and turn it into a valuable card. When it enters the battlefield, you get the bonus Scry two, and like Watcher of the Spheres, it can grow larger each turn for each noncreature spell you cast thanks to Prowess keyword. The value of this card will be dependant on the deck build you have and the number of one and two-mana instant and sorcery spells you want to play in your deck.

Finally, I have one of the best reprints in the set for this deck that can act as a big finisher. Here is Baneslayer Angel.

Baneslayer Angel

With a deck full of smaller creatures, sometimes you need a top-end creature that can finish off your opponent. This is where Baneslayer Angel comes in. It can help you gain life, its tough to block and puts your opponent on a clock. With cards like Watcher of the Spheres, you would even be able to cast it on turn four making it that much better in terms of your curve. The Azorius flying deck tries to play fewer lands than a typical deck due to its usual low mana curve. Baneslayer Angel changes that slightly, but I think it will be worth the payout in the end.

There you have it folks, three more tools that an Azorius player can use to build their best Flying deck. Time will tell if these 3 new cards can push the deck to the next level in Standard. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Core Set 2021. Join me again tomorrow for more of the best that the new set has to offer.

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