Daily Dose of Innistrad Crimson Vow #6 – Turning Green on Innistrad


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Innistrad Crimson Vow. Today I’ll be talking about some transforming big creatures that are looking to overpower your opponent. Green has always been known to have the largest creatures on the ground. Getting out the largest creature allows you to attack without favourable blocks for your opponent, but also makes it hard for them to attack on the ground with their creatures. The key to the success of these cards will be either ramping into them or filling your deck with enough cheap spells to hold out until the later part of the game.

First up is a Beast that is ready to attack right when you cast it. Here is Ulvenwald Oddity // Ulvenwald Behemoth.

Ulvenwald Oddity // Ulvenwald Behemoth

To start off you get a 4/4 trample, haste creature for only four mana which is already solid enough. There are no drawbacks for this card (just an upgrade which I’ll talk about), which makes you see how powerful this card is for its mana value. Ulvenwald Oddity // Ulvenwald Behemoth will surprise your opponent and allow you to attack for four damage and continue to have a powerful threat on the battlefield for future attacks. If all those stats weren’t enough of a Magic card, you can spend seven mana to transform this into an 8/8 creature with trample and haste. On top of that, it also pumps the remainder of your team and gives all your creatures trample and haste.

Next up is a Werewolf that will be the hardest creature to kill in the set. Here is Avabruck Caretaker // Hollowhenge Huntmaster.

Avabruck Caretaker // Hollowhenge Huntmaster

I love this Magic card! Talk about the world’s most annoying Magic card to play against in Limited. Hexproof is not a keyword they use very often since the introduction of Ward. When you can transform Avabruck Caretaker into Hollowhenge Huntmaster or cast it on its Nightbound side, you get a hexproof creature that gives other permanents you control hexproof. Hexproof provides a massive hurdle for most players, as it negates most if not all forms of interaction. There are a couple of ways to get Avabruck Caretaker // Hollowhenge Huntmaster off the battlefield; Sacrificing it or sweeping it away with a board wipe. You can also cast two spells during your turn to return it to its Daybound side which would allow you to at least target permanents other than Avabruck Caretaker // Hollowhenge Huntmaster. There is still more to this card though than being hard to kill. It also grants either two +1/+1 counters to one creature (Daybound) or two +1/+1 counters to each creature you control (Nightbound) at the start of each combat.

Finally, I want to talk about a Werewolf that will help you cheat out your biggest creature. Here is Howlpack Piper // Wildsong Howler.

Howlpack Piper // Wildsong Howler

This is the Werewolf version of Elvish Piper in Standard. This creature has two great sides to it so let me talk about the Daybound side first.

To start off you get a 2/2 creature that can’t be countered. For two mana, as a sorcery, you can put any creature card from your hand onto the battlefield. If the creature you happen to put onto the battlefield is a Wolf or Werewolf you can untap the Howlpack Piper. It will be tough to say how many times you will have multiple large creatures in your hand but it's still a wonderful way to cheat a creature onto the battlefield. By using this ability, it's helpful in protecting your creatures from being countered.

If you run out of creatures to put on the battlefield you can transform it onto its Nightbound side. If you can cast it on its Nightbound side (or transform into it) you get a 4/4 creature that in most cases will get you the best creature out of the top six cards in your library. This can be used to rebuild your hand and allow you to cast your new creature next turn or wait until you can cheat it onto the battlefield.

You are now prepared to take these three transforming creatures into battle. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Innistrad Crimson Vow. Join me again next week as it's time for the Ultimate Guide to Prerelease and Limited for Innistrad Crimson Vow.

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