Daily Dose of Strixhaven #13 – Playing with Spirits


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Strixhaven. Today I’ll be focusing on the new 3/2 creature tokens created by Lorehold college: Spirits. Lorehold is the Red and White college from Strixhaven and cards from all over the set can produce 3/2 Red and White creature Spirit tokens. There are some cards that have synergies that we'll see, including a powerful Spirit lord. First off, I want to look at some of the cards currently in Standard that could work for a Red/White Spirit deck.

Clarion Spirit – This 2/2 Spirit makes 1/1 Spirit tokens, doubling your Spirit synergy.
Eidolon of Obstruction – This could be a good Sideboard Spirit to have against Planeswalker heavy decks.
Skyclave Apparition – One of the most powerful cards currently in Standard also benefits from being a Spirit, convenient no?
Usher of the Fallen – A great Spirit 1-drop creature to fill in the low-end of your mana curve.

First up is a sweet Spirit Cleric that can make it hard for enter the battlefield triggers to go off. Here is Strict Proctor.

Strict Proctor

This 1/3 flying creature will counter any of your opponent's enter the battlefield triggers unless they have a few more mana to spend. Does your opponent like Sagas? If so, this could delay Chapter 1 from triggering the first turn if enters the battlefield. If you want to go next level, you could delay your own Saga triggers. How about casting your own Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger? This leaves you with a powerful 6/6 creature for only two mana with no drawbacks. How about casting Clackbridge Troll? I really like this Spirit and I believe it'll see some Standard play in the coming months.

Next up is a sweet Spirit creature that can help you get back creatures from the graveyard. Here is Venerable Warsinger.

 Venerable Warsinger

To start off you get a strong 3/3 vigilance, trample creature for only three mana. That’s strong stats on its own, even without a strong additional ability. If you can get in for any amount of damage you can start to reanimate. There's enough removal in these colours that you'll often be able to clear the battlefield the way for Venerable Warsinger. This recurring threat should be something your opponent is worried about, especially with the fact that it can also serve as a blocker if needed.

Before I talk about the final card, here are some of the other Strixhaven cards that can make 3/2 Red and White Spirit tokens or are Spirits themselves.

Finally when one Spirit lord isn’t enough, here’s the best of the bunch. Here is Hofri Ghostforge.

Hofri Ghostforge

This 4/5 Dwarf makes it so that all your Spirits become 4/3 haste and trample creatures. This takes being a creature lord to the next level, as most lords only give stat bonuses and not ability bonuses. This makes all your Spirits harder to block due to trample and harder to predict when damage might be coming in due to giving the Spirits haste. What Hofri Ghostforge really does though is make your nontoken creatures have an afterlife. If one of them dies, it turns into a Spirit and lives on in exile until it dies again and returns to the graveyard. This makes it harder for your opponent to use removal.

There you have it, folks, what you need to make a new Boros spirit deck after Strixhaven releases. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Strixhaven. Join me again tomorrow as I study what other fun can be found in and around Strixhaven!

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