Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine #14 – Top Uncommons for Prerelease and Limited


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine! I continue with some guides to help you at your local prerelease this weekend. Today I’ll be talking about the three precious cards just before your mythic or rare, the uncommons. There are some powerful uncommons in this set and they sometimes might be the best cards in your Limited deck. You get around 18 uncommons in your Limited pool. You always want to make sure you get a good 5 to 6 of them to use in your deck.

Here are the some of the best uncommons for prerelease and Limited play from Throne of Eldraine.


Archon of Absolution – A 3/2 Flying creature is great for four mana, but it has two added on abilities that are great. Protection from white will come up sometimes in Limited. As well, making it harder for your opponent to attack is just annoying enough to be good.

Glass Casket – One of the best removal cards in the set for early-to-mid game. Overall there isn’t a large amount of artifact destruction in the set to get rid of it.

Mysterious Pathlighter – There are so many creatures that can go on Adventures that you are bound to get some good value out of this card and still be left with a 2/2 Flying creature.

Shepherd of the Flock – A 3/1 for two mana is a solid creature to begin with. Being able to return one of your Adventure creatures to your hand is a nice touch.

Syr Alin, the Lion’s Claw – A 4/4 First Strike creature will be hard for your opponent to block and kill it. This means that you should multiple uses of its ability to pump your other creatures.


Animating Faerie – There are 6 noncreature artifacts that you can cast during your first two turns giving you a pretty good shot to attack with a 4/4 on turn three and still having a 2/2 Flying creature you can cast later in the game.

Frogify – One of the best removal cards for blue as it shuts down every creature in the game, leaving them with just a 1/1 blocker.

Hypnotic Sprite – Another sweet Adventure card that allows you to get a counterspell before casting a 2/1 Flying creature for two mana.

Into the Story – Card advantage is always key in any Limited game and this will help you pull away late in the game. Being able to cast it for four mana a little later in the game shouldn’t be an issue.


Bog Naughty – Repeated removal on a creature is too hard to pass up. It can also provide a clock in the air to finish off your opponent as well.

Foulmire Knight – Both parts of this card are nice. I basically see this as a four mana 1/1 Deathtouch creature that replaces itself with some card draw.

Order of Midnight – Like Foulmire Knight, most of the time I will be casting this for four mana for it to act like a Flying Gravedigger. This can also be cast as a creature on turn two in an aggro deck.

Syr Konrad, the Grim – This is one of those cards you must read a few times, but once you do you realize that it is all value. Repeatedly milling each player and potentially deal 2 damage for each means you might never need to attack to win.


Ferocity of the Wilds – There are enough big non-Human creatures that you can use this team pump up to break through any chump blockers your opponent might put in front of you.

Joust – Usually reserved for green removal, this fight card can be used to kill a creature and pump one of yours.

Slaying Fire – Up to 4 damage to any target is something you can’t overlook. By the time you need the 4th point of damage, you should have three mana to cast it with Adamant.

Syr Carah, the Bold – This acts an almost repeatable Light up the Stage, allowing you to ping your opponent and get an extra card each turn. I don’t really care if I never attack with it. I can still get the extra card though if it's unblocked.


Beanstalk Giant – You get both the ramp and colour fixing that is missed in this set and you end up with a late game threat that just keeps getting larger as the game goes on.

Edgewall Innkeeper – As noted before, card advantage is often the key to victory. With so many Adventure cards in the set, this pesky 1/1 will help you draw cards in the mid-to-late game. Sometimes it might be better to cast a creature with Adventure to draw instead of going on the Adventure itself.

Giant Opportunity – There are so many ways to get Food in this set, that it shouldn’t be that hard to make a 7/7 Giant that runs around the battlefield. When in doubt, you get to create 3 of them to use for other cards.

Keeper of Fables – Being able to drop this on the field and threaten an attack where you get to draw a card, is like giving itself haste in a way. Value is value folks!

Oakhame Adversary – The theme of card advantage continues with this pesky deathtouch threat which is great as an attacker or blocker.

Trail of Crumbs – This is a great use for the Food in your deck and can be used even if you sacrifice it to gain 3 life. One of the better repeatable card advantage engines in the set.


Drown in the Loch – This is a mid-to-late game removal/counter spell that is going to surprise your opponent when you cast it for only two mana.

Grumgully, the Generous – This legendary creature will just be able to add value to every creature you cast for the rest of the game.

Inspiring Veteran – With so many Knights in the deck, this will be able to pump up a lot of the creatures on your side of the battlefield.

Maraleaf Pixie – A 2/2 Flying for creature for two mana is strong enough for me to play in Limited. Being able to use it to ramp up to your larger threats makes it even better.

Savvy Hunter – Food is so powerful in this set, and this is one of the best sacrifice outlets for that Food. Did I mention how important card advantage is in Limited?

Steelclaw Lance – Even if you don’t equip a Knight with it, this repeatable pump up of one of your creatures will help you win combat scenarios you shouldn’t be winning.

Resolute Rider – Arguably the best of the Hybrid creatures for Limited play. Even in a stalemate, it can attack each turn to help you gain 4 life a turn.

You're set up now with a guide for the best commons and uncommons to use for your Limited decks. Remember that these cards will occupy 90% of your nonland cards in your deck, so choose wisely! Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine. Join me again tomorrow as I continue prerelease week with one of my favourite articles to write. That’s right, it’s the Throne of Eldraine Guide to Combat Tricks and Removal Cards by Colour.

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