Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine #16 – Limited Deck Archetypes


Welcome all to the Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine. Today I’ll be talking about a few of the Limited deck archetypes. Prerelease will be starting this weekend, and everyone will be playing the cards for the first time. Getting a pool of 85 cards can be daunting when you are trying to put the pieces together to build a 40-card deck. What the designers of this set and other sets do is try and add some synergy to the set for certain deck combinations that will be commonly played. Today I’ll go over some of those possible combinations and some of the key cards you want to be looking out for it you want to build your deck that way.

Mardu Knights

There can be a Knights deck in any combination of Mardu colours. This helps you choose from a larger pool of cards to have some Knight synergies. Here are some of the key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

Getting the Knight lord Inspiring Veteran will help you pump up your entire battlefield to help you win the ground war. The key in making this deck succeed is to have the right balance of Knight creatures with cards that help Knights or need other Knights for them to provide value. Don’t be afraid to have non-Knight creatures in this deck if you have some strong other creatures. Not all Knights are strong in Limited and you don’t want to just jam them in your 40-card deck because they are Knights.

Blue/White Artifact Enchantments

The goal of this deck is having enough artifacts and enchantments in your deck to take advantage of the cards that synergize well with them. Here are some of the key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

Just like the Knights deck, the key will be finding a balance between the number of Artifacts and Enchantments in your deck and the non-artifact spells that take advantage of them. Too many of one without the other will mean your deck won’t work the way you want it to. There is a strong payoff if you can find some useful artifacts to put in your deck as they can often gain you extra value after they are on the battlefield.

Green with White/Black Adventurer

There are plenty of Green and White Creatures that you can gain extra value from thanks to Adventures. Here are some of the key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

As you can see there are a few cards that help you for each Adventure loving creature that you have. The best one out of the bunch is definitely Edgewall Innkeeper. You are already getting value thanks to the Adventures you go on. So, now you gain card advantage when you eventually cast the creature from exile as well. There is also the option to play this as a green/black Adventure deck as black has many Adventure creatures as well.

Green/Black Food

There a multitude of cards that create Food tokens in Throne of Eldraine. The key is finding some of the best cards that can use them for value other than gaining 3 life. Here are some of the key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

Tempting Witch is one of those cards that can win games by turning your Food from you gaining 3 life to your opponent losing 3 life. Wicked Wolf plus food equals a very hard to kill creature. Witch’s Oven will turn your already dying creatures into delicious Food. Savvy Hunter can provide some key card advantage to help you win the game.

Blue/Red Double Draw

The goal of this deck is to draw two cards in a single turn. There are a ton of cards in the set that have the bonus of drawing a card. If you can find the right payoff cards, this deck is very powerful. Here are some of the key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

Improbable Alliance is probably the best payoff card for this deck. It can help you draw that second card each turn and provides you 1/1 Flying threats. If you like creatures closer to the ground, Mad Ratter will give you two of them in the form of 1/1 Rat tokens. Ironcrag Pyromancer is the main rare you hope you get when building this deck. There are plenty of cards that can help you draw one extra card during your turn, but Thrill of Possibility will help you draw two during your opponents turn. Faerie Vandal is a flying creature that can get large quickly if you are able to keep drawing two cards per turn.

Mono-coloured Decks

This can be any colour that you want to play with. There are plenty of cards out there that provide you bonuses for playing only one colour. So here are some of the key cards you want to be looking for when building this deck.

The common land cycle will make sure that your lands provide you extra value. Heraldic Banner rewards you for having all of you creatures in the same colour by pumping up your entire team. Spells with Adamant go from below average to above average like the artifact Clockwork Servant. There is a nice cycle or rare Legendary creatures that reward you for playing creatures of the same colour. Just look at what it can do to Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig.

Hopefully this will give you some options and insight into some possible deck choices for Throne of Eldraine Limited. Thanks again for reading the Daily Dose of Throne of Eldraine for the past couple of weeks. I’m excited for what’s to come with a new set release mixed with post-rotation Standard madness! Enjoy the new set and I’ll see you again soon!

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