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  1. Pay 2 to move Stitcher's Graft from Furyblade Vampire onto The Scorpion God. Furyblade Vampire gets sacrificed due to the Graft's unequipping clause.
  2. Activate Key to the City, discarding Precise Strike, targeting the God.
  3. Now an unblockable 9/8, the God gets in for a smooth 9 damage.
  4. After combat, equip the Sticher's Graft onto Skirsdag Supplicant. The Scorpion God gets sacrificed due to the Graft's unequipping clause.
  5. At the beginning of your end step, The Scorpion God's delayed triggered ability resolves and it is returned to your hand.
  6. Before the turn ends (you must win this turn, after all), activate Skirsdag Supplicant, losing each player 2 life, and finishing off your opponent. (If we haven't started our own life total, you can assume it is irrelevant, so we don't have to worry about dying to this ability too.)


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