Getting Ready for Throne of Eldraine #4 – Looking at post-rotation Black cards

Welcome all to the Getting Ready for Throne of Eldraine series, where today I’m going to be continuing a 7-part series on what current Standard cards from the four non-rotating sets will see more or less play. These sets include: Guild of Ravnica, Ravnica Allegiance, War of the Spark, and Core Set 2020.

If you missed my talk on post-rotation White or Blue cards you can find that right here:

White - Looking at post-rotation White cards

Blue -

Command the Dreadhorde – This card will still see play in an Esper Control type deck, but will see less play in creature heavy versions of the deck with the loss of the Explore package of creatures like Jadelight Ranger.

Rotting Regisaur – With there being no Dinosaur deck in sight, this 7/6 will just start to drain you of cards until it gets removed.

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord – A lot of the Black/White Vampires deck is taken out of the equation thanks to rotation. We will have to wait until Vampires come back in masses for this card to be successful.

Staying Level

Cry of the Carnarium – This card could see some play again to stop any emerging Aggro decks that try and get into the format a little too early in the new Standard season.

Disfigure – This is still a great card to stop aggro decks, especially with the alternative option of Moment of Craving rotating out.

Knight of the Ebon Legion – There are some that might think this would see less play because of the Vampires deck being decimated post-rotation, I think it will still see play as it becomes the best option at one mana in black.

Moving on Up

Cavalier of Night – With the state of Standard slowing down or two with less low-cost cards in the format, all the Cavaliers become that much stronger. This can act like a Ravenous Chupacabra and gives you a bonus value when it leaves play.

Doom Whisperer – This large and in charge Demon can not be left by the side for too much longer. With other options rotating out, I think it’s time for this to make a return and rule the airways. There is too much value in this card for it to not see some play.

Midnight Reaper – When in doubt post rotation, turn to cards that provide you consistent value. Turning all your creatures into new food for your hand, makes this creature move up my post-rotation rankings.

Vampire of the Dire Moon – With other one-drops leaving the format, I think we will start to see the rise of this little gem. Your opponent will not want to waste their removal on this pesky target.

It seems that some Black cards that will start to rise thanks to upcoming rotation. Thanks again for reading the Getting Ready for Throne of Eldraine series! Be sure to join me next time as I investigate which Red cards will start to see some play!

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